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Grace Beaumont
Portrayed by Maria Howell
First appearance "Pilot"
Appearances 9
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Residence Grant Park, Illinois
Profession Scientist
Family members Two sons

If she turns the power back on maybe she saves the world or maybe she sets it on fire

Grace Beaumont is a former colleague of Ben and Rachel Matheson. She was held captive by Randall Flynn somewhere in the Tower. Before the Blackout, she was a scientist who worked with Ben and Rachel Matheson at the company that is working on a cheap green energy, but discovers that the experiment "inhibits" electricity. This led Randall to be interested and hires all the scientists, including Grace, Ben, Rachel, and the others.



Before the Blackout, Grace claims to have worked as an algebra teacher, but it is revealed that she was a scientist, working for a company trying to create renewable free green energy, however their experiments have the opposite effect and instead cause a blackout in a localized area. Randall Flynn offers all the scientists, including Grace, to work at the D.O.D. She originally had a son who suffered frequent Asthma attacks, and had bought an inhaler for him. It is unknown whether her son died before, during, or after the events of the Blackout, or if he is still alive. However, she later mentions to Rachel that she was not the only on who lost a child. This implies that her sons had died during the Blackout.

It is known that she was involved in a project to create green energy with Ben Matheson and Bradley Jaffe. She was seen working along with them as Ben explained to Randall about the unexpected results of their experiment.


One night in 2027, fifteen years after the Blackout, she stumbles upon Danny, lying unconscious in her backyard. She drags Danny inside to a bedroom on the second floor. She recognizes that Danny is suffering from symptoms of Asthma, just as her son did. She saves Danny by using her son's inhaler and gives him fresh air. When Danny wakes up, she is aiming a shotgun at him. She warns him not to try anything and Danny says he wasn't going to. Grace tells Danny he had an Asthma attack and gives him her son's inhaler, explaining to him it was a tool that stops the attack immediately. Grace demands to know the reason Danny had a pair of handcuffs attached to his arm. After explaining of his capture by the militia Danny tells Grace that he would leave today.

Not long after, Grace receives a knock at her door from Capt. Neville; the leader of the militia squad who captured Danny. He asks her questions if she had seen a prisoner they were transferring. Grace claims she has not seen anyone in weeks. Neville quickly unravels her lie when he tells her they found a teenage boy's footprints and fresh drag marks that led to her back door. Grace finally concedes the truth by stepping aside and so he can enter. She watches as Neville handcuffs an unsuspecting Danny who stares at her in disbelief.

After the militia left with Danny, it is revealed that Grace has one of the twelve Pendants. Grace opens a securely locked door and enters a room further upstairs. She sits and takes out a pendant. She turns it on and all the lights in the room turn on, it also uses it to Activate a Computer of Some Kind. to an unknown contact and tells the person the militia had been at her house. The person asks "Did they find it?" (Presumably her pendant). She tells the person no to which the contact replies, "So...what now"?

Encountering Randall

She worked on some data on the computer when she heard a knock at the door, only to find it to be Randall Flynn. She slammed the door in his face and ran back to the computer, contacting someone and telling them that Randall had found her. Randall broke in and came to her, using one of the pendants to power a cattle prod. Randall brought Grace to the Tower and later informed her that he had tracked Ben's pendant to Philadelphia and then told Grace that he would be needing her help, getting her to fix the damage in the control room and get the elevator working so he could get to level 12. (Chained Heat, No Quarter, The Children's Crusade, Ties That Bind)

At the Tower

Grace eventually gets the elevator working and one of Randall's employees, takes it down to level 12. The elevator stops at level 7, the light goes out and Grace hears him scream. When the elevator comes back up she discovers that he has been killed by the dwellers inside the tower led by Dan Jenkins, a former colleague of hers and she joins with them. When Rachel and others arrive in the Tower to turn the power on, Grace reveals that there is a chance that by trying to turn it on they will set the whole world on fire. She later reveals to Aaron that it was his code that wrote the operating system for the Tower. Later, Rachel knocks her out when she refuses to help them. When she wakes she finds herself face to face with Tom Neville again.

After the Tower

She eventually left the Tower and made it to the town of Spring City in Oklahoma, only to one day find Priscilla Pittman and then Aaron Pittman soon after. Grace explained to them that she feared that one day the Nanites might link and achieve consciousness, and that they were viewing Aaron and Priscilla, who wrote their coding, as a sort of parents. (The Love Boat, Children of Men, The Dark Tower, Three Amigos, Mis Dos Padres)


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