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Season 1, Episode 12
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Air date April 1, 2013
Production Code 2J7112
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"The Stand"
"The Song Remains the Same"

"Ghosts" is the twelfth episode of Season 1, and overall the twelfth produced hour of Revolution. It aired on April 1, 2013.


A final act of heroism by one of their own saves the lives of Charlie and the gang, but the loss devastates everyone and they must carry on with heavy hearts but increased resolve. Miles sets out on a mission with Nora to recruit his former militia comrade, Jim Hudson and enlist his savage killing skills. Meanwhile, Rachel  looks for a power source and a way back into the heart of Charlie. Rachel  also attempts to elude the grip of Randall Flynn, her ruthless former boss and ally of Monroe.

Plot Summary

Miles Matheson and Aaron Pittman bury Danny Matheson as Nora Clayton, the Mathesons and several of the surviving Rebels look on. Rachel Matheson is paralyzed with pain, but when she reaches out for support, Charlie Matheson pulls away. It seems one good thing came from the tragedy, as no Rebels have seen any of Monroe's Helicopters since the firefight. That night, Rebel leader General Wayne Ramsey suggests they regroup at Echo Base and resume business as usual. Miles hates this idea since business as usual typically means losing. Miles promises to help the Rebels fight. He knows how to beat Monroe, but he will need his own men, former senior Militia officers. Nora and Miles set out to find Jim Hudson, who collaborated with Miles in his plan to assassinate Monroe.

With Miles and Nora gone, the remaining Rebels retreat to Echo Base. It is clear that Charlie and Rachel are no longer on the same page. When some Militia soldiers are spotted in the woods nearby, Charlie spurns her mother's advice and joins the raid. Meanwhile, Aaron removes the two Pendants from his backpack. When he leaves the room, the Pendants inexplicably turn on... they have been activated remotely from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Randall Flynn. He tells Monroe that he has been randomly activating the Pendants to keep tabs on their owners. Randall promises Monroe he can retrieve them... and when he does, Monroe's power will be immeasurable.

Miles learns of Jim Hudson's location, just 20 miles from Echo Base in a town called Culpeper. Noticing Miles is shouldering too much responsibility for the recent failures and deaths on his watch, Nora worries about his mental state. As Miles and Nora set off for Culpeper, a traitorous Rebel named Brian overhears their plans and attempts to sell them out to a Militia camp in the north Virginia woods. Captain Joseph Deckert pays the traitor in diamonds for information on Miles' whereabouts, and then orders Brian killed.

At Echo Base, Rachel has set herself up in the lab. She examines the capsule she extracted from Danny's corpse under a microscope and transcribes its serial number. Charlie storms past, covered in blood, without stopping to speak with her mother. When Rachel asks about her injury, Charlie claims that it is not her blood. Miles and Nora arrive in Culpeper, an unusually serene town. They find Hudson inside the library. Having started his life over with a new name and wife Sophie, Hudson insists Miles has mistaken him for someone else. After taking Miles and Nora into a back room, Hudson aims his gun at Miles and tells him to leave immediately. He still harbors ill will towards Miles for not killing Monroe when he had the chance. But when Miles says that he has come to seek Jim's help in finishing the job, the offer strikes a chord.

Back at Echo Base, it becomes clear the blood covering Charlie's body is in fact her own. As she pours alcohol over a large gash on her shoulder, Rachel cannot help but intercede. Charlie refuses her help, declaring that she is rejoining the raid. Then the pent-up frustration between them comes to a head. Charlie remarks how her mother was never there for her or Danny when they were growing up. When Rachel slaps her, Charlie walks away, emotionless. Rachel notices the flashing Pendants and becomes alarmed - they have never done that under her watch. Suddenly, a siren sounds and the Rebel sentries spy a convoy of Humvees descending on Echo Base. This is not good - Monroe has power again.

Hudson tells Miles that he cannot go back to military life. As much as he hates Monroe, he has a wife now and a quiet existence, and he does not want to upset that. Outside, Nora tells Miles that they will have to find someone else. But as they are talking, a Militia kill squad marches down the road towards Culpeper. Miles rushes back into the library and informs Hudson that his cover is blown. Hudson is furious, convinced that the Militia followed Miles to Culpeper. With his back against the wall, Hudson is all but forced to resume his life as a killer. Having heard the tail end of the discussion, Sophie enters the room to ask an impossible question: "Who's Jim?"

The Rebels hurry everyone out of Echo Base's compound before Monroe's men arrive, promising Charlie they will meet up with Miles and Nora at a predetermined rendezvous point. But as she leaves, Charlie realizes her mom is nowhere to be found. Rachel is in the lab, throwing the pendants in a sink full of sulfuric acid. Aaron freaks out, but Rachel remarks that Randall was using the Pendants to track them. As they dissolve, Aaron is stunned to realize that there were flash drives inside them. Suddenly, the Humvees ram through the gate and Militia troops file out. The window for escape just closed.

Randall flashes back 16 years. Before the Blackout he and his wife are at home when a solider knocks on the door to inform them that their son Edward Flynn was killed in action in Kabul. In the present, Aaron, Charlie and Rachel hide as Monroe's men search the compound. Charlie quickly realizes the only way out is to fight. While hiding, Rachel confesses she was working on a weapon for Randall when he was the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Defense when the power went out. Suddenly, Randall fires up a megaphone and calls out to Rachel. He didn't come for the pendants, he came for Rachel and her knowledge, and he is not leaving without her.

Tom Neville pays Monroe a visit in Philadelphia. Neville heard about the mission to capture Rachel and is disappointed he was not asked to lead it. Claiming Neville needs time to grieve Jason Neville, Monroe insists Randall has everything under control. When Tom points out they barely know the man, Monroe agrees but assures Tom he doesn't trust anyone. Nevertheless, Tom cannot help but feel as if he is slowly being replaced.

In flashbacks, it's revealed that Randall was cavalier about deploying the Mathesons' "weapon" in Peshawar a month prior to the Blackout, despite their plea for more time. Back at Echo Base, Charlie, Aaron and Rachel hole up in a kitchen. After near capture, Rachel hyperventilates, realizing she's failed her daughter in every way imaginable. Suddenly, two guards storm into the room. Charlie takes one out with her crossbow and the group makes a run for it. When a Militia soldier comes after her, Charlie does not have time to reload her weapon. Instead, she waits for him behind a wall, stabs him in the heart with an arrow and takes his gun.

Meanwhile, in Culpeper, Monroe's kill squad advances into the town square, confident in their numbers. The town is empty, except for Hudson, who waits for them in the open by the playground. When the kill squad surrounds him, Miles and Nora emerge from hiding prepared to fight. Miles tells the captain to surrender, but he only laughs. With diplomacy failed, Hudson, Miles and Nora take on the entire platoon, taking them out one by one. When Deckert spies Hudson's wife watching from a nearby house, he goes after her.

At Echo Base, Charlie reunites with Aaron, and the two set out to find her mom. But Rachel has been captured by Randall, who plans to take her back to Monroe in Philadelphia. Now that the world has been wiped clean by the Blackout, Randall's interested in building a better, safer one - with Rachel's help. When the Militia begins piling into their trucks, Charlie stops them with a hail of gunfire. Rachel breaks free long enough to escape with Aaron and her daughter.

While Miles, Hudson and Nora take out the entire kill squad, Deckert breaks into Hudson's house and corners his wife. Hudson arrives just in time to kill Deckert and save Sophie's life. Traumatized, Sophie will clearly never look at her husband the same way again. Later, as the bodies are piled up and taken away, she asks Hudson if any part of their relationship was true. Although Hudson insists Sophie is his one true love, she leaves in tears. Miles has managed to ruin Hudson's life again. Angry beyond belief, Hudson decides to join Miles' cause - but only because he has no other place to go.

After passing by the destruction of Echo Base, Miles and Nora meet up with the rest of the group at their rendezvous point in the woods. Miles eavesdrops as Charlie apologizes to Rachel for the terrible things she said. Charlie misses Danny dearly and is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that she will never get him back. Nora takes Miles hand, as mother and daughter make peace with a tearful embrace. Later while everyone sleeps, Aaron asks Rachel to tell him everything she knows. They almost died today; he deserves to know. Rachel begins her story by speaking of a place called The Tower. On the night of the Blackout, Randall grips his son's dog tags while giving a command to his team at The Tower. It is time to execute the virus..



Guest Stars


  • First appearance of Dan Jenkins.
  • First appearance of Jim Hudson.
  • First (and last) appearance of Joseph Deckert.
  • Jim Hudson's assumed name while in Culpeper before Miles meets up with him is "Henry Bemis" and he is the town librarian. This is a reference to the Twilight Zone episode "Time Enough at Last"
  • The Rebel base in Ashburn, Echo Base, is a reference to the Rebel Alliance base of the same name in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • This episode contains multiple nods to the author Stephen King. In the Culpeper library, there is a section made up solely of his books, and Jim Hudson recommends The Stand to one of his customers, remarking that it is about the end of the world.
  • Later in the library, Jim's wife Sophie is cornered by the Militia. The way the Militia opens the door is a reference to the book by Stephen King, The Shining.


  • Joseph Deckert 
  • Many Unnamed Militia Men