Georgia Federation
First appearance"Sex and Drugs"
Last appearance"The Dark Tower"
Group information
MembersKelly Foster (President),
Miles Matheson
Tom Neville (formerly),
Captain Dixon Deceased
Richard Lucas

The Georgia Federation, or simply Georgia, is a nation in North America that spans most of the former southeastern United States.



It would appear that the Georgia Federation was at war with the Monroe Republic at some point, back when Miles Matheson was still in charge of the Monroe Militia.

15 years after the Blackout the Georgia Federation has allied with the Plains Nation in a planned assault on the Monroe Republic. Colonel Faber reported that the Federation was just days away from an all-out war with the Republic.  ("Soul Train") The current head of state, President Foster, is a woman.

When Alec Penner smuggled a suitcase-sized nuclear bomb into Atlanta, Miles, Charlie, and Nora followed him. While he was framed for the murder of a police officer, Miles was eventually able to convince President Foster to let him go. After Miles killed Alec, he hid the nuclear material to keep it out of Foster's hands. Later, she spoke of attacking the Monroe Republic from the south, while the Rebels opened a second front from the inside. In order to accomplish this, she gave Miles command of several hundred men and a thousand guns.


Both the Georgia Federation and the Monroe Republic were destroyed after Randall Flynn launched ICBMs to at their capitals; Atlanta, Georgia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a result the whereabouts of its President Kelly Foster are unknown. Thousands of troops were killed, and Georgia, like the Monroe Republic, was wiped from existence. With the Federation and Republic gone, the East Coast is currently empty, waiting to be claimed by the Patriots.


The Georgia Federation is run by President Kelly Foster from its capital, Atlanta. Unlike the Monroe Republic, the Georgia Federation has a civilian government that commands the armed forces. The country also has a well structured judicial system. Citizens of the Georgia Federation enjoy a large array of personal freedoms that include equality, free market economics, and protection. Unlike the Monroe Republic, the Georgian government administers to all of their citizens without the use of armed intimidation; enforcing the rule of law through legitimate governance. The President of the Georgia Federation serves as the Head of State, Head of Government, Chief Diplomat, and Commander in Chief. The President operates a cabinet for delegation and advisory purposes. Since Georgia is a federation, they likely have political divisions, with the central government having the most authority.
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12.33.38 PM

The flag of the Georgia Federation.


Georgia has a large agricultural economy due to their warmer climate. They can grow a wider variety of foods for longer, and as such are able to sell more and have a larger economy. They have a much more advanced civilian infrastructure than the Monroe Republic, such as a public transportation system that uses steam-powered school buses as well as personal motorized vehicles, such as motorcycles. Therefore, the roads throughout the country are well maintained. The Federation is very wealthy both in terms of national product and individual income. They have developed a trade network with England, indicating that the country has a merchant marine fleet, likely powered by steam as well. Unlike the Monroe Republic, the Georgia Federation has massive cities like Atlanta and empowers their citizens through economics. The standard of living in Georgia is much higher as seen by the majority of well-fed, clean, well-dressed, and wealthy citizens. According to Miles, the Georgia Federation also traded with Europe, meaning they used tall ships or steamers to get there.  


The Georgia Federation reaches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River. Its northern border reaches Kentucky and splits North Carolina along the Roanoke River all the way to the Atlantic.

It contains the former U.S. states of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee as well as the parts of North Carolina south of the Roanoke River and Louisiana east of the Mississippi. The capital is Atlanta, Georgia .

One of the Pendants, number 633.42.1405, is located near Charleston, South Carolina .


The Georgia Federation utilizes many forms of steam technology such as Steam BusesSteam Boats and steam motorbikes. (The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, The Love Boat)
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A steam motorbike


Aaron Pittman mentions in his journal how some people in the post-Blackout world believe in Appalachian Mountain Dragons, which he dismisses as the remains of crashed airliners. Officers in the Monroe Militia have referred to Georgians as "peach-eaters".


The troops of the Georgia Federation wear olive green colored uniforms with the insignia of the Federation on the right shoulder. The symbol is similar to the flag of the Confederate States of America. It consists of five yellow stars within a blue chevron on a red background. The Georgia Federation has twice as many soldiers as the Monroe Republic, more allies, and some better weapons. This advantage increased later with the defection of former Militia Major Tom Neville.

The Georgian Army operates with a dual role. They serve as soldiers against enemies of the Federation, and police the cities to protect their citizens. 

Some of them carry swords similar to the brass-knuckled swords used by the Monroe Militia, although they also resemble cutlasses as well. Military police use M9 pistols while frontline soldiers use M4 carbines from the former U.S. military.

The Georgia Federation has formed a military alliance with the Plains Nation in order to guard against and possibly attack the Monroe Republic. Thanks to their trade with Europe, they have a military alliance with England. The military operates a no-man's land between the Federation and the Monroe Republic. There appear to be several outposts along the border as well. There is a central garrison located in Atlanta next to the Presidential Compound. Georgia's military is commanded by a civilian government and appears to be an all-volunteer service, much like the post-Vietnam U.S. Armed Forces. Georgia also has some military support from England.
Revolution Georgia Federation

Flag of the Georgia Federation.

As the Monroe Militia closed on Atlanta, the forces of the Federation prepared many vehicles, among them M35 tactical trucks and Humvees mounting M2 machine guns, along with surface-to-air missiles; in the event that power is restored to the whole continent, these would likely be used to halt the advance.

Given the large number of military bases in this area— Parris Island, Fort Bragg, Camp Lejune, and Fort Benning, among others—it is likely that the Federation inherited a large stockpile of modern weaponry. Many of their soldiers may be trained by former U.S. Military personnel. The Georgia Federation also had its own navy. Savannah is a major naval base for the Georgia Federation. There are several tall ships, steamboats, and wooden ships-of-the-line stationed there, ready to attack the Monroe Republic from the sea.  

They also have a spy in the Monroe Republic by the name of Avery Allinane.

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