Revolution-Dr. Gene Porter Season Two
Gene Porter
Portrayed byStephen Collins
First appearanceBorn in the U.S.A.
Biographical information
ResidenceWilloughby, Texas
ProfessionTown Leader
The Patriots
Family membersCharlotte Porter - Wife,
Rachel Matheson - Daughter
Ben Matheson Son - in Law
Charlie Matheson - Granddaughter
Danny Matheson - Grandson

Dr. Gene Porter is a new character in Season Two. He is the father of Rachel Matheson and lives in Texas.


Pre Blackout

Not much is known about Gene's past other than at some point he met and married Rachel's mother and they had Rachel Matheson. He lived in Willoughby, Texas before the Blackout occurred.

Post Blackout

Gene stayed in Willoughby after the Blackout, and became the town's doctor. In 2019, his wife was among those who died during a cholera outbreak; Dr. Porter was left to cremate the bodies in a mass grave. Immediately afterwards, Martin Shaw met him on the front porch of his house and offered him hundreds of doses of cholera vaccine, in exchange for working for the Patriots.

After the Surge

After the events at The Tower, Rachel had a nervous breakdown and Miles brought her to see her father to seek his help. He thanked Miles for bringing Rachel back and was happy to see his granddaughter, who he said looked just like his wife. After a while, Charlie decided to leave Miles, Aaron, and Rachel, much to Gene's disapproval.

Six Months After The Tower

With time he helped Rachel recover emotionally, and she then started helping out and assisting with his patients. She was treating an injured Georgian soldier (Neil Gibson) when she learned how bad the aftermath of the ICBM strikes really was. He urged Rachel to leave the soldier alone so she would not relapse. Gene then treated an injured Miles who hurt his hand while burning down a shack. He told Miles about Rachel's past, specifically her teenage years, and how he knew Ben was right for Rachel. He also told Miles that he knew about his and Rachel's affair. He then told Miles to leave and forget about Rachel.





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