First appearance"Pilot" ??
Last appearance"Chained Heat"
Appearances1 or 2 ??
Biographical information
AffiliationMonroe Militia
Family membersDeceased

Fletcher is a member of Tom Neville's Militia unit which is escorting Danny Matheson to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At some point between Chicago, Illinois and Lowell, Indiana, the unit hears a gunshot and stops to investigate, since owning and using firearms is illegal in the Monroe Republic.

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Fletcher's choice of choosing death.

Neville sees a freshly killed deer hanging from a buck pole and sends Fletcher to the door to retrieve the man's shotgun.

When confronted by the Militia, George draws a concealed pistol and shoots Fletcher in the abdomen. Later, still traveling, it is apparent that Fletcher will not survive and Neville offers him a drink of liquid opium to end his suffering. Fletcher drinks it and quickly passes away and is given a Christian burial.