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Everyone Says I Love You
Season 2, Episode 9
Revolution 2x09-6
Air date November 20th 2013
Written by Trey Callaway & Paul Grellong
Directed by Steve Boyum
Production Code 2J7709
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"Come Blow Your Horn"
"Three Amigos"

"Everybody Says I Love You" is the 9th episode of Season 2 and first aired on November 20th 2013.


Charlie demonstrates to Rachel how much she has matured; Neville issues Jason a proclamation.


Neville and Jason follow Roger Allenford through a moving Patriot train. They are now his security detail, and though Roger does not want Jason around, Neville insists Allenford help him out, as they are both harboring his secrets. The train rolls onward, towards the White House . At an unscheduled stop, Neville notices Deputy Secretary Victor Doyle in the dining area. He is accompanied by his wife... who is none other than Julia Neville ! Shocked, Neville tries to keep his composure as he formulates a plan.

Charlie, Miles and Rachel descend on the Patriot compound. Miles figures they will have to kill about 40 soldiers before they get to Aaron , Cynthia and possibly Porter . It is certain death, but they do not have a choice. But when they turn a corner, all the soldiers are lying on the ground. The soldiers inside are out cold, too. Charlie notices Aaron's boot prints inside Horn's office, and the group follows his tracks to the entrance of a tunnel in the ground. Miles does not understand what is going on, but as the Patriots start to come to, he knows there is only one way out... and it is through the tunnel.

Horn orders the recovering soldiers to find Aaron and Cynthia. In the foggy wilderness, one of Horn's commanders suggests they wait until the fog clears before continuing their search. But Horn is shaking, and he says they need to find Aaron now. Though his followers are not aware, the tumor inside Horn's brain is metastasizing, and death is looming. A soldier approaches Horn with news: Aaron is hiding out in a nearby abandoned high school. The Patriots immediately close in on their target.

After traversing the tunnel, Charlie, Miles and Rachel search for Aaron in a fog-filled forest. Miles wonders what the Patriots are doing with such a tunnel. Rachel stops as the group ventures on; she needs to go back to Willoughby to save her dad. But Miles insists she stay with them. Aaron is the priority right now, and if Porter is dead, then he gave his life so they could protect Aaron. Suddenly, Patriot troops emerge from the brush and corner the group. Miles raises his hands in defeat, but Monroe comes out of nowhere to slit the Patriots' throats. He's a hassle to deal with sometimes, but Miles knows his old friend is a necessary evil at this point.

In the library of an abandoned high school, Aaron wakes up in stupor, with Cynthia lying next to him, unconscious. Her knife wound is gone, miraculously healed by what Aaron can only assume was himself. Suddenly, a little boy appears and scares the daylights out of Aaron. Where did he come from? The boy says he lives in the high school and saw Aaron walk into the library holding Cynthia. The boy helps Aaron get water and nurse Cynthia back to consciousness. When she comes to, Cynthia tells Aaron the little boy he is talking to is not real.

Miles yells at Monroe for losing Aaron, but Monroe does not care. All Monroe wants is his son. Miles needs help; his wounded hand is badly infected, and he is having trouble swinging a sword. If Monroe ever hopes to see his son again, he must help Miles get Aaron back. In the other room, Rachel worries that their time is almost up. She tells Charlie she loves her, warning they may die in the next day or two. Charlie lets down her guard and returns the sentiment.

In a flashback to six years before the Blackout, Rachel watches as Miles is being deployed. He tells her they have to stop. She should start a family with Ben because he does not love her. Unable to believe him, Rachel promises to wait for Miles to come back; they can figure this out together. All Miles has to do is tell Rachel he loves her. Miles apologizes and heads into the terminal.

Spying Neville on the train, Julia follows him into a luggage room, where they consummate their reunion. Afterwards, Julia explains that she left Atlanta right before the bombs fell. In the aftermath, she remarried in an act of self-preservation. Tom tells Julia that he is on his way to kill the President to avenge her death. Julia tells Neville that it is time for a change of plans; she will stay married to Doyle, and he will keep his job. Everything they ever wanted is still within reach...

Cynthia tells Aaron he needs to confront the child in his mind, so he speaks with the boy as she watches from a distance. The boy says he represents the Nanites; they know Aaron's "thinks," and he made them when he "woke them up", the night the bombs dropped. The Nanites act off of Aaron's thoughts for him, in hopes of helping him. In hopes of stopping the burning and killing, Aaron asks the boy to leave and take the Nanites with him. Just then, they hear noises outside, and the boy calmly announces that the Patriots have arrived.

Miles, Monroe, Rachel and Charlie enter the high school just before the Patriots. Miles has to hide out in a classroom, having become so weak he can barely stand up. Before passing out, Miles tells Rachel he loves her. In the gym, Charlie and Monroe engage in a firefight with Patriot soldiers. Aaron and Cynthia run for safety, but are stopped by a desperate Dr. Horn. He demands that Aaron remove the tumor from his brain, but Aaron says that he cannot. Dr. Horn gives him a choice: remove the tumor, or Cynthia dies. As Aaron pleads, Dr. Horn shoots Cynthia in the chest and kills her.

In a fit of rage, Aaron tells the little boy to kill Horn... and kill all of the Patriots. In the aftermath of the immolation, the boy asks why Aaron did not just ask him to save Cynthia in the first place. Aaron realizes that he allowed himself to succumb to anger first, but now he desperately wants the boy to heal Cynthia. The boy says, "I'm leaving, like you wanted," and disappears, leaving Aaron alone.



Guest Stars



  • First appearance of Victor Doyle.
  • First (and last) appearance of Boy.
  • This episode marks the return of Julia after being absent for 8 episodes. She was last seen in "The Dark Tower ".
  • There has been a rumor that Rachel may have been pregnant 6 years back with Charlie, before she married Ben, possibly suggesting that Miles may be Charlie's birth-father.


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