Image Edward Truman
Edward Truman
Portrayed bySteven Culp
First appearancePatriot Games
Last appearanceDeclaration of Independence
Biographical information
Also known asEd
ResidenceGuantanamo Bay Cuba (Formerly)
Willoughby, Texas
ProfessionPatriot Director
AffiliationThe Patriots

Edward Truman is a member of The Patriots and currently occupying Willoughby, Texas. He is a recurring antagonist of Season 2. In the Season 2 finale, he was now declared a fugitive by Texas, after they discovered the truth about the Patriots. In Revolution (DC Comics series), he was killed by Sebastian Monroe.


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Truman, when he was in the military in Guantanamo Bay, before the Blackout.


Before and immediately after the Blackout, Truman was a corporal in the United States Army, more specifically a Military Policeman, stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He questioned the purpose of their mission, especially the wisdom of giving their remaining MREs to the detainees instead of keeping them for themselves. He was shocked when the remains of the U.S. Government arrived in Cuba.


Arrival in Willoughby

Truman arrived in Willoughby, Texas during the Andover Tribe attack. He and his men saved the town from the attack and starting occupying it. He took up position of town leader and made new rules. He ordered the gates closed and no one was allowed to leave town. His true motive was to fake Andover Clan attacks to make it look like it was dangerous outside of town. He took a keen interest in Rachel Matheson who he found going through his office, and ordered her watched.

The Texas Rangers

A few days later he was informed by Garrett someone snuck into the train yard. He ordered the person found and sent the burned Patriot bodies to Dr. Horn. He also soon found himself in a conflict with the Texas Rangers. The two forces were at a stalemate so Truman told Texas Secretary of the Interior John Franklin Fry to stay a while, but Fry refused and told Truman he was leaving for Austin, Texas at first light. After Fry left his office Truman ordered Scott to close down the train yard and stop the patrols. Hours later he spotted Miles, Charlie, and Monroe searching the train yard and became suspicious of them.

Capturing Monroe

After Fry was found dead, a mole told the Texas Rangers that the killer was Monroe. Truman joined forces with Malcolm Dove and the Rangers and the two forces attacked Monroe's hideout and arrested him. Truman then brought General Carver into town to report the capture and trial of Monroe. The Patriots held Monroe in the bank, but when it was learned Miles was going to break him out they moved him to the vault. Around midnight Truman the Rangers and the Patriots watched as Monroe was killed by lethal injection. Afterwards Truman helped the Rangers bury Monroe in an open field.

Working for Dr. Horn

Ed was later confronted by Gene Porter who warned him not to touch Rachel and Miles or Dr. Horn would hear about it. A couple days later a bomb killed three people and wounded dozens more. Gene blamed The Patriots, to which Ed confessed but warned him not to step out of line. Truman activated a curfew and said the Andover Tribe was responsible for the bombing. He later meet with Dr. Horn and Gene to begin a search for Aaron. Ed lead a search party only to have his men burned alive by Aaron. Ed eventually changed his story blaming Miles and Aaron for the bombing out of revenge for Monroe's death. He eventually found Aaron, Cynthia, and Gene who turned on The Patriots hiding Miles, Rachel and Charlie. Gene surrendered but held a knife to Truman's throat threatening to kill him if any Patriots tried to save him. During the chaos Miles, Charlie, and Rachel escaped and Gene released him. Soon after though, Aaron knocked every Patriot unconscious and escaped with a wounded Cynthia. Upon awakening Truman sent Martin Shaw with Dr. Horn and a group of Patriots to find and retrieve Aaron.

The Typhus Outbreak

After Aaron and the rest of the group escaped the high school he and Shaw went to find Horn and company. When they arrived they found the charred bodies of the Patriots that Aaron had killed. Among the bodies they found Horn. Angered, Truman told Shaw it was time to take matters into their own hands. They had wagons of oranges delivered to town and distributed them to townspeople. A few days later a typhus outbreak occurred, starting with Gene's friend Lloyd Welliver. When Gene snuck into the quarantine camp with Charlie, Truman arrested them, but released them in hopes of Gene helping to cure people. When Gene asked when vaccines would arrive he told him they were three days away. When Rachel arrived he asked where Miles was, but she refused to answer. Later he was captured by Monroe, Miles, and Connor. Miles injected him with fresh typhus forcing Truman to tell where the antidote was. Connor disguised himself as a Patriot and lead Truman to his office. When Truman took out the antidote Connor put his gun to his head as Patriots swarmed the room for a standoff.

Now a Fugitive

In the Season 2 finale, Truman was now a fugitive by the Texas Rangers after they discovered the truth about the Patriots.

Meeting the Nano

After being declared a fugitive, Truman encounters the Nano (in the form of Marion Reilly), who tells him to go to Bradbury, Idaho.


In the Revolution (DC Comics series), Truman was presumably possessed by the Nano, along with Davis, Neville and Connor. After killing Aaron and Priscilla , he was killed by Monroe.

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Truman's death

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