First appearanceSex and Drugs
Last appearanceSex and Drugs
Biographical information
ResidenceColumbia, Ohio
ProfessionDrug Lord
AffiliationMonroe Republic

Come on, it's all fun and games.

Drexel was a drug lord and former friend of Miles Matheson.


Drexel is a drug lord who used to take young girls (referred to as "Drexel's Girls") into his home, where he supposedly abused and raped them. He has been in a feud with Bill O'Halloran ever since Drexel took in his daughter, Rebecca O'Halloran, who died by his hands and his drugs.

Miles Matheson goes to Drexel for medical assistance for Nora Clayton after she is stabbed and her wound gets infected. Drexel initially acts friendly towards Miles and the gang, but his motives are shown to be less than friendly when, in an attempt to get rid of Bill once and for all, he forces Charlie Matheson to go to Bill's house, pretend to be one of his girls and murder him. Miles escapes from Drexel's home in order to stop Charlie from killing Bill, and Nora and Aaron Pittman are forced to shoot each other as a result. However, Aaron tricks Drexel into thinking he committed suicide and shoots Drexel, killing him.


His guards carried Enfield model 1862 cap-and-ball rifles. However, he was allowed to use firearms, since he is largest supplier of heroin in the Monroe Republic, who made such drugs legal to sell, manufacture, and produce. It is also implied that he still supports the Monroe Republic.

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