This a page for the deceased characters and it explains their death in detail.

Season One

Alec Penner

Was Stabbed to death by Miles Matheson who almost beat him to death

Captain Dixon

was shot by Miles Matheson for shooting Emma Bennett while trying to kill Sebastian Monroe


Was killed by Aaron Pittman after Aaron deceived him into believing he had killed himself.

Edward Flynn

He was killed in action in Kabul,Afghanistan in 2011

Emma Bennett

She is shot by Dixon who was trying to kill Sebastian Monroe.


Was killed by George Tom Neville gave him poison so he can die peacefully in Chained Heat.

Maggie Foster

She was stabbed by Ray Kinsey then is taken inside Aaron Pittman and Nora Clayton try to recover her but she loses too much blood then dies in The Plague Dogs.


He shot Fletcher then Tom Neville shot him in Chained Heat


Miles Matheson Broke his neck Killing him.

Bradley Jaffe

stabbed by Rachel Matheson when he revealed to Sebastian Monroe that

the Amplifier was a bomb in Kashmir.

Joseph Wheatley

was shot by Charlie Matheson with a crossbow who was taking Miles Matheson as a prisoner.


Stabbed by Strasser for Letting Miles escape.

Ben Matheson

He was accidentally shot by a militia soldier who was trying to shoot Danny Matheson in Pilot

Danny Matheson

Danny was shot 4 times in the Abodmen when a Helicopter shot randomly around the base in The Stand


was stabbed by Tom Neville in The Song Remains the Same.

Ray Kinsey

Stabbed through the chest by Nate.

Rebecca O'Halloran

Died at the hands of Drexel's drugs.

Richard Lucas

Hit by a machine gun emplacement set up by the militia along the riverbank.


Was beaten to death by Tom Neville who was trying to steal his food in Soul Train.


Killed by militia in No Quarter.




Was stabbed

Colonel Starkey

Killed by Monroe's newly acquired helicopters.

Will Strausser

Strausser was Stabbed to death by Rachel Matheson in Nobody's Fault But Mine.


He was killed by Danny Matheson for killing his father Ben Matheson in Pilot.

William Monroe

He was killed by a car along with his family in 2010 going to see a Harry Potter Movie.

Jeremy Baker

Was killed per Monroe's orders because Monroe suspected him of being part of an assassination plot against him. Later it is revealed that Jeremy had nothing to do with the assassination attempt.

Wayne Ramsey

Was stabbed by Jim Hudson.

John Sanborn

Was shot by Jim Hudson before he can reveal to Miles Matheson who was the killer.

Jim Hudson

Was shot 3 times in the back by Jason Neville after nearly beating Miles Matheson to death.

Nora Clayton

Was shot by one of the dwellers with a coilgun like Maggie she was losing a lot of blood and eventually dies.

Randall Flynn

Committed suicide after launching missiles to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania capitol of Monroe Republic and Atlanta, Georgia capitol of Georgia Federation.

Season Two

John Franklin Fry

was shot by Sebastian Monroe in One Riot, One Ranger.

Titus Andover

Was Stabbed to death by Miles Matheson in Born in the U.S.A..

Justine Allenford

Was shot by her husband Roger

Roger Allenford

Executed for his failures

Victor Doyle

Was brutally killed by Tom Neville

Jason Neville

Died when Charlie shot him in self-defense

Martin Shaw

Was brutally tortured and killed by Tom Neville

Revolution (DC Comics series)

The Patriots

Exterminated and wiped out by Texas

Grace Beaumont

Tom Neville

Shot in the head by Sebastian Monroe

Jack Davis

Killed by Charlie Matheson, as a revenge for Jason's death, thus ending his cruel dictatorship.

Edward Truman

Killed by Monroe

Rachel Matheson

killed when sacrificing herself, after realizing she's been a selfish woman.

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