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Dead Man Walking
Season 2, Episode 6
Revolution 2x06-4
Air date October 30th 2013
Written by Story by: Trey Callaway

Teleplay by: Trey Callaway & Paul Grellong

Directed by Steve Boyum
Production Code 2J7706
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"One Riot, One Ranger"
"The Patriot Act"

"Dead Man Walking" is the 6th episode of Season 2 and first aired on October 30th 2013 on NBC.


As Charlie, Rachel, and Gene question Monroe's true allegiance, Miles himself is wary of his former friend's intentions. Meanwhile Aaron continues to have visions that lead to endless questions.


As the episode begins, Miles and Monroe don't have time to think. They carefully plant evidence pointing to the Patriots at the mill, then tie a cinder block to Fry's corpse and dump him in the river. As the group travels back to Willoughby, Texas Ranger Malcolm Dove tells the others that Fry is missing. Dove and his men trace Fry to the mill and eventually find his body at the bottom of the river. When one of them finds a Patriot shell casing, Dove knows the first shots of a major conflict have just been fired. Miles and Monroe watch from a distance. Miles wanted a war—and he is about to get it.

Five days later, Rachel and Charlie put up a front with one another as the embers still burn over their disagreement regarding Monroe. Dr. Porter cannot take it any more. Charlie is back, and Rachel should just be happy about that. During a botched interrogation, Monroe obtains an unprecedented amount of information but winds up killing a Patriot soldier. Miles is angry about Monroe going off-script, but results are results. Rachel confronts Miles about Monroe - why is he harboring this monster? Miles thinks Monroe can help against the Patriots, but Rachel is not buying any of it. Meanwhile, Monroe is literally smoked out of his hiding place; outside, he is surrounded and arrested by a group of Texas Rangers and Patriot soldiers, working together! Miles and Monroe's plan to turn Texas against the Patriots has officially run aground.

Neville and Allenford hike towards the Patriot Reprograming Center . Neville tells Allenford that she is free to go as soon as he sees his son. That moment comes quicker than both foresee, as they soon come upon two corpses inside a tent, and Allenford realizes the cadets are in the middle of a field exercise. Suddenly, bullets fly in their direction, and Neville and Allenford run for cover. As they near a factory, Neville turns around to suppress the cadets—only to find his son pointing a gun in his direction. The two lock eyes before Jason opens fire on Neville, forcing him to dive into the factory for cover. Locked inside, Neville rests his head on the wall, realizing the son he came to save wants him dead.

Three years after the Blackout, the Monroe Republic was started in a small camp. Monroe and Miles were naive then, and Miles was the one who seemed like a sociopath. Monroe had a pregnant wife back then, and she was his whole world. Now, after being arrested by the Rangers, Monroe sits in a Willoughby holding cell, awaiting trial and a most certain execution. In a Willoughby bar, a reporter named Bonnie Webster approaches Aaron. She used to work at Forbes and remembers him gracing the front cover of their "30 Under 30" issue way back when. She works for the Texas Press Corps. She remarks that her job is not to tell the truth so much as it is to create heroes and villains out of the news, and she is definitely making them today on account of Monroe's arrest.

Deep inside the factory, Neville hides with Allenford. She knows there is only one way that this can end, with Neville killing his son or Jason killing the both of them. Neville tries to deny this, but Allenford breaks down in tears; her son was in a similar reprogramming center in Cuba, and it made him a vicious killing machine. Neville springs into action, ingeniously taking out every cadet in the factory, until only Jason is left. When Jason stops to check on the corpse of one of his fellow cadets, Neville puts a gun to his head and tells him to give up. A brutal fistfight breaks out. Just when it looks like Jason is going to choke his father to death, Allenford hits him with a metal pipe and knocks him out, saving Neville's life.

Miles and Charlie try to break Monroe out of prison, since they know he is their only shot at taking down the Patriots. But Rachel warns the Patriots of a possible jailbreak, and Monroe is moved to a nearby bank vault. When Miles confronts Rachel about it, she does not back down; if Charlie had been caught with Monroe, they would have executed her right next to him. Charlie tells Rachel that Monroe saved her life. Rachel's biggest problem has always been that she sees herself as smarter than everybody else and never listens. Meanwhile, in a nearby courtroom, the Patriots condemn Monroe to death by lethal injection. The execution will take place at midnight.

In a flashback, Monroe remembers the day that changed his life forever. His wife and baby died in childbirth, and he was at her side until the end. Monroe's heart hardened that day, and it never healed. Now, chained up and awaiting execution, Monroe cannot help but laugh at the folly of it all. Monroe asks that Miles be his final visitor. The two reminisce about the good old days before Monroe asks Miles for a favor. He had a son with Emma , and he has never met the boy; Monroe asks Miles to take care of him. Knowing that Monroe is going to die soon, Miles admits he knows about the boy and that he hid him from Monroe. Monroe cannot believe it. Why would Miles do such a thing? Miles walks away, leaving Monroe to die alone with his thoughts.

Monroe is led into a packed courthouse, where Dr. Porter awaits. Porter claims it is an honor to be the one killing Monroe. In a flashback, Monroe remembers the point after the Blackout , after his wife and child died, where he turned to the dark side for good. He robbed a nearby camp of all their supplies, just as Miles suggested - but he killed all its inhabitants, stating, "Bad things happen." Just before Porter injects Monroe, he turns to Rachel and apologizes. Then his eyes widen, and slowly Monroe closes his eyes for the last time.

Miles cannot help but mourn the death of his former best friend with whiskey. Bonnie, the reporter, tells Aaron he might want to skip town soon. Leveraging Monroe's execution, the Patriots and Texas Rangers have officially joined forces, and Willoughby is now officially part of the new U.S.A.'s jurisdiction, a little Guantanamo, deep in the heart of Texas. While Monroe's body is unceremoniously dumped in an unmarked grave in a field, Truman tells Porter to keep Rachel and Miles in line. Porter, who apparently sold out Monroe, warns Truman not to touch Rachel or Miles - or else what would Dr. Horn say? Unbeknownst to both of them, Dr. Horn is just entering town, in a wagon painted with the Eye of Providence and a Patriot flag.

Neville has an unconscious Jason tied up in the factory, in hopes of waiting until the drugs are out of his system. When Jason wakes, he lays into his father, going for the jugular. Did Neville know that Julia was having an affair at the time of her death? He must have known, since he is so good at reading people. Furious, Neville savagely backhands his son. Jason is all Neville has left. Whatever it takes, he will bring his son back. Neville begs him, come to your senses and join my side. The episode ends with Rachel taking a shovel to Monroe's grave... and begins to dig.



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