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Danny Matheson
Portrayed by Graham Rogers
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance "The Stand"
Appearances 11
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Also known as Danny-Boy (by Tom Neville)
Residence Sylvania Estates, Wisconsin,
Monroe Republic
Affiliation Matheson family
Family members


"It's not your job to look out for me anymore."
— Danny to Charlie in The Stand

Danny Matheson (2010-2027) was the thoughtful, cautious younger brother of Charlie Matheson.



Danny Matheson was born in 2010 to Ben and Rachel Matheson. He was born 3 months premature, his lungs were not ready and he was put in the NICU. He was two years old when The Blackout occurred.


Fifteen years after the blackout, Danny, then 17, was living with his sister, Charlie, and father, Ben, in the small village of Sylvania Estates, Wisconsin. While he and Charlie are out hunting they spot an overturned RV. While exploring the wreck, Danny has an asthma attack after flour falls on him in the kitchen, forcing them to return.

Shortly after, members of the Monroe Republic come to the village looking to take his father. Despite his father's willingness to leave, Danny refused to allow the militia to take him. This caused a standoff that ended with a few members of the village being injured or killed, Danny's father being one of the latter.

As a consolation for failing to capture Ben Matheson, the Militia leader opted to grab Danny.

Danny was taken to Philadelphia, PA, where he was delivered personally to Monroe. As Danny was taken out of the room, Monroe informed him that Danny was his guest and offered him "food, or women". Later that day, Danny was reunited with his mother, and was allowed to stay with her, immediately trusting her despite her mysterious disappearance when he was young. However, he did tell her that the two of them eating breakfast from the Militia wasn't right.

The details of Danny's stay with the Militia are currently unclear, but we do know he was separated from his mother after she killed Dr. Jaffe.

Danny was taken to a room in the Power Plant, where he was reunited with his sister, Charlie. Strausser threatened to kill either him or Charlie but was killed by Rachel. He escaped with the rest of the group.

Danny shows his intelligence and resourcefulness during his captivity when he unscrews the bar of the wagon that he is handcuffed to and escapes. He makes it to the home of Grace Beaumont and passes out because of an asthma attack. When he comes to, Grace is pointing a shotgun at him. He promises to leave. Before he can leave, Captain Neville and his troops track him to Grace's house, where he is recaptured without a struggle.

Danny is taken to Tom Neville's camp where he is held prisoner. Pvt. Richards comes up to him and is angry for killing his friend, Sgt Templeton. When Neville is gone, Richards beats up Danny. But Danny soon turns the tables on Richards, when he fakes an asthma attack. Danny suddenly loops his shackles around Pvt. Richards' neck and threatens to kill him if he tries to harm him again. Captain Neville and a couple of soldiers on horseback look on indifferently as Danny gains a measure of revenge.

While on their way to Monroe's headquarters, Neville's unit encounters a storm, after being warned of it by Danny, and seeks shelter. A tornado hits the barn they were staying in. As the wagon is being tied down, Danny finds some nails to free himself from his handcuffs and makes another attempt at escape, only for a wary Captain Neville to catch up with him outside the barn. They are then forced to hide in the basement beneath the barn to wait out the tornado. There, they debate the morality of his father's actions after the Blackout. When the storm passes, the ceiling collapses and Neville is pinned under the debris. Danny rescues him, but after he does, Neville pins him against a wall and arrests him again.

After escaping from Monroe, Danny, along with his family, Nora, & Aaron, traveled to a rebel camp to warn them of the impending chopper attack. As the rebels decided to stand their ground, Danny agreed to do the same.

During the battle, Danny took a missile launcher from Miles and destroyed the helicopter carrying the Pendant amplifier. As the second helicopter went down, the door gunner fired wildly, hitting Danny several times in the abdomen. Mortally wounded, he died almost instantly.

As she was mourning her son, Rachel cut open Danny's body and removed an encapsulated electronic device that was still working despite the Blackout.

Later, the Rebels have a simple funeral service for him. Miles and Aaron fill in the grave as Nora, Nicholas, and several other Rebels look on. No coffin for Mrs. Matheson's little boy; he is buried wrapped in a sheet. Danny's death drives a wedge between Charlie and her mother, worsening their already strained relationship.


Season 1

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  • Danny was asthmatic. [1]
  • In the Pilot it was stated that Danny is 17 years old in 2027. However, in the episode Soul Train, Danny states that he is 18. This may, however, have merely been that Danny was nearly eighteen, as we don't know his actual birthday
  • In Nobody's Fault But Mine, Danny was bruised, implying that he had been beaten or tortured, possibly by Strausser.
  • When Danny was reunited with his mother, appeared to trust her immediately, unlike Charlie, who was more cautious and suspicious of their mother.
  • While Danny suffers from severe asthma in early episodes, it is notably absent later on. The reason for this is unknown.