Dan Jenkins
Dan Jenkins
Portrayed byGlenn Morshower
First appearanceGhosts
Last appearanceThe Dark Tower
Biographical information
ResidenceThe Tower
Professionleader of the dwellers
AffiliationThe Tower
Family membersunnamed son

Dan Jenkins was the leader of the Dwellers who protected the tower.


The Blackout

On the night of the Blackout Jenkins was in the Tower awaiting orders from Randall Flynn. Jenkins tried to talk Randall out of what he was planning, but Randall went ahead  as a way to avenge his son 's death. Jenkins went through with Randall's plan, but something went wrong at the Tower causing The Blackout.
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Dan Jenkins at the night of the Blackout.

Post Blackout

Since the Blackout Jenkins has stayed hidden in the Tower along with the other scientists and workers who were there when it occurred. He and the other scientists lived on various levels in the Tower with their families. Jenkins and the others devoted their lives to protecting the Tower from outsiders and making sure no one got to Level 12.

Defending The Tower

When Randall arrived at the tower with Monroe he was denied access by the computer system. Jenkins and his men watched them from a control room inside the Tower. Later when Randall and Monroe brought Rachel Matheson to the Tower they were able get access and enter. Once inside, Jenkins and his men stopped the elevator Monroe and the others were taking to level 12. When the elevator opened on Level 11 Jenkins and his men opened fire on the group using coil guns and were able to kill all of Monroe's men, but Monroe,Rachel, and Randall escaped. When Miles led Nora, Aaron, and Charlie into the Tower they also encounter Jenkins' men, but are able to escape into a nearby room. Once Rachel meets up with Aaron, and Charlie they are brought to the secret bunker by Jenkins' son. There they meet Grace Beaumont and Dan Jenkins who takes Dr. Jane Warren 's journal and burns it. He then tells Rachel, Charlie, and Aaron that no one is allowed to go to Level 12 and if they try he and his men will kill them. Then Grace told Charlie and Aaron that if Rachel turns the power back on she could set the world on fire. Jenkins then sends five of his men to kill Miles, Monroe, and, Nora. When the dwellers find the three they begin firing on them, the threesome escapes through a water treatment tunnel.


After Rachel Matheson chloroforms Grace and steals her key card. When the group meets up with Nora who escaped the tunnel they plan how to get to level 12. Nora sets up a tripwire in front of the staircase to level 12, but Jenkins and his men notice and avoid the trap. Nora throws a fire extinguisher setting of a bomb killing Jenkins and his men, but not before they can wound her.

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