Connor Bennett
Portrayed byMat Vairo
First appearanceThe Three Amigos
Biographical information
ResidencePuesta del Sol (formerly)
ProfessionNunez Cartel Member (formerly)
AffiliationMexico (formerly) Nunez Cartel (formerly)
Family membersSebastian Monroe - Father

Emma Bennett - Mother (deceased)
Gary Bennett - Uncle (deceased)
Susan Bennett - Aunt (deceased)


Connor is the son of Sebastian Monroe and Emma Bennett.



Connor was born without his father's knowledge.


When he was young, Miles Matheson came and took him to Mexico to stay with his uncle and aunt Gary and Susan Bennett, to protect him from his father. In 2020 his uncle and aunt died and he became part of the Nunez cartel. In 2028 he led the group in the town of Puesta del Sol and spoke with three people who had arrived in town. He recognized Miles and asked who the other man was, who replied that he was his father. Connor told them to leave town. Later when Monroe came back to talk to him, Connor had him detained to be taken to see Nunez. (Three Amigos)

Monroe was put into a cell and Connor spoke with him when Miles came to rescue him. Monroe told Miles to leave and allowed Connor to recapture him so Nunez would not harm him. When Nunez said that Monroe was to be punished for trying to escape, Connor said that killing him would ruin their chances of selling him so Nunez made Connor whip Monroe. When Connor came across Rachel Matheson inside Nunez's villa, he told her where Monroe and Miles were and gave her a key, however another guard saw this and told Nunez who captured Connor and was about to kill him when Connor escaped and with Monroe, Miles and Rachel fought them off. Connor asked Monroe if he truly believed that he would get back all that he had lost and Monroe told him that they would work together. (Mis Dos Padres)

Connor went with the others back to Willoughby, Texas where he was amazed at his father wanting to help out. Connor had no inclination to help out during the Typhus outbreak until his father told him that helping Miles would get him on their side. Connor went along with the plan and after they captured Edward Truman, Connor dressed in a Patriot uniform and went with Truman to get the Typhus vaccine. When they reached Truman's office other Patriots burst in and he held Truman hostage



  • Charlie Matheson - At the beginning of Happy Endings, he admitted to Charlie how much she surprised him. She’s not like the girls he’s used to back home. His small show of admiration sort of set flirtatious environment between them. Connor has been flirting with her from the beginning but this was the first time Charlie responded because she wanted to and not because she was manipulating him for more information. Charlie and Connor slept together. He’s wondering if it’s going to be awkward seeing as she hates his dad and everything. While Charlie doesn’t necessarily view their situation that way. Connor had told her he wasn’t like his father and she says they might as well have fun as much they can. Charlie figured with the way things are that they’ll all be dead within a year. Connor asks her what about hope but Charlie doesn’t have that anymore. She chooses to be realistic. But it is revealed in Fear and Loathing, Monroe wanted him to have kids with someone other than Charlie.



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