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#08 "Come Blow Your Horn" (Dr. Horn)
Come Blow Your Horn
Season 2, Episode 8
Revolution 2x08-7
Air date November 13th 2013
Written by Rockne S. O'Bannon
Directed by Charles Beeson
Production Code 2J7708
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"The Patriot Act"
"Everyone Says I Love You"

"Come Blow Your Horn" is the 8th episode of Season 2 and will air on November 13th 2013.


As Miles and the others try to escape the perils of their current situation, Rachel and Gene continue to struggle with their relationship, which affects Charlie. Meanwhile, Neville takes a gamble with the Patriots.


Truman and the Patriots blame the Willoughby bombings on Miles and Aaron . The Patriots are full of lies, and Charlie knows it as she secretly watches their speech from a distance. To her surprise, Porter furthers the Patriot cause, begging the townspeople to track down Miles and Aaron and save Rachel. Charlie rushes to tell Rachel and finds Miles and her mother torturing a Patriot soldier in hopes of learning Horn 's location. Charlie insists that it is time to flee, but Rachel knows the Patriots will never stop looking for them. Their only shot is to attack first. If Truman wants to paint them all as terrorists, he is going to get more than he bargained for.

In an abandoned marina outside Willoughby, Aaron, Monroe and Cynthia await Miles' rescue. Still reeling from Aaron's last outburst of violence, Cynthia asks if he had anything to do with the death of her husband, which always seemed suspicious. Tired of lying, Aaron comes clean and begs Cynthia to understand he has no control of his new-found fiery ability. Tired of men who lie, Cynthia does not know if she can continue with Aaron. She asks for time to think, leaving Aaron distraught.

Neville pays Allenford's husband, Patriot Commander Roger , a visit in North Carolina, using her engagement ring to get in the door. Neville explains that he is holding Allenford, who is now an enemy of the state. Roger is reluctant to leave with Neville, unsure of his motives. If Neville was so disturbed by the Secretary's acts of treason, why didn't he just bring her along? Claiming ambition, Neville knows that people inside the group will wonder about Roger's involvement. That is why Roger needs to bring her in himself. All Neville wants in exchange is Roger's trust... and more Patriot responsibility.

Miles uses information extracted from the tortured Patriot to locate the Patriots' secret headquarters . Inside, Porter, Truman and Horn argue about Aaron. Horn wants Aaron now; he is tired of waiting. Truman's imperialistic plans are moving slower than a glacier, and Horn thinks that Aaron possesses information that will expedite the process. Meanwhile, Charlie and Rachel's relationship is still strained. Rachel now hates her father, but Charlie is not so quick to judge. She feels that there is more to his story.

Monroe tells Aaron that he would not survive a single day on the run without him. Suddenly, Patriot soldiers descend on the group's location, and Monroe springs into action. With the stealth of a panther and the force of a lion, Monroe cuts down each guard one by one. But when reinforcements arrive, he realizes it is time for him to go. The Patriots might arrest Aaron, but they're definitely going to kill Monroe. He leaves his companions behind, and the Patriots capture them. As Aaron struggles to help Cynthia, a soldier sticks a syringe in his neck and everything goes black.

Meanwhile, Justine Allenford tries to escape from Jason while he awaits his father's return. When Jason catches her in the act and almost chokes her to death, Justine realizes Jason has not fully recovered from his time at the Patriot reprogramming center. Meanwhile, Roger points a gun at Neville on their way to Justine's location. Neville talks Roger out of any drastic moves, helping the man realize his wife is doomed no matter which way this plays out. At this point, Roger needs to act in his own self-interest. When Roger and Justine reunite, he sobs. Why did she have to send that letter? She has left him with no choice. Roger tells Justine he loves her, then shoots her dead.

That night, Miles spies Rachel scaling the roof of Patriot headquarters. Rachel plans to drop a concoction of chlorine and pool acid down the building's chimney and let chemistry do the rest. Rachel is ready to go, but when Miles notices Dr. Porter entering the building, he signals for her to abort the mission. Rachel decides to keep going. From her position, Rachel cannot see Patriot soldiers dragging Aaron and Cynthia inside the building. Charlie realizes Rachel is about to kill them too. Inside, Cynthia finds Porter with Dr. Horn; how could he betray them like that? Porter watches in anguish as Cynthia and Aaron are dragged away. On the rooftop, Miles and Charlie reach Rachel to stop her from dropping the chemicals down the chimney in the nick of time.

Miles and Rachel abduct Porter as he exits Patriot HQ. Rachel wants to know how he could give up Aaron. Porter divulges the deal he made with the Patriots in exchange for medicine; he did not realize who they were until it was too late. Has Rachel ever done a bad thing for a good reason? Suddenly, Truman and his men surround the building - they followed the group. Porter walks outside to surrender—then puts a knife to Truman's throat and threatens to kill him. Charlie, Miles and Rachel burst out the back and run into the night as Truman knocks the knife loose and throws Porter to the ground. With a gun to his head, Porter realizes he is in deep trouble.

When he was a boy, Dr. Horn watched as his father tried to pray the sickness out of his dying mother. Horn did not believe in miracles even then. A friend's father gave him some prescription drugs to try to save his mother; instead his father blamed him for her death. Now, Horn has an illness of his own: there is a tumor growing inside of his brain, and he is fully aware that no miracle can save him. But whatever is inside Aaron could help. Horn experiments on Aaron and discovers the nanites inside of him immediately heal any wound he suffers from, like a skink losing its tail and growing a new one. But what about the fire? Horn suspects it is attached to emotions, so he brings in Cynthia and has one of his men stab her in the side. Maybe that will bring the fire out of Aaron...



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