Columbus is a city in Ohio, about 50 miles south of Cleveland.



The remains of the city are inhabited by two groups, led by Drexel and Bill O'Halloran. The O'Halloran family has taken up residence at the University of Ohio while Drexel is located within 30 minutes walking distance to the southwest.

This area seems relatively free of Militia presence, as both sides openly display guards with firearms, which carries the death penalty in the Monroe Republic due to the Baltimore Act. However, Drexel is largest supplier of heroin in the Monroe Republic, where heroin is legal to sell, manufacture, and produce, meaning that Drexel is exempt from this law, since he owns the heroin business and supports the Republic.

Miles stole a wagon with Charlie and Aaron to transport the wounded Nora to Drexel's stronghold seeking medical attention. ("Sex and Drugs")