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Season 1, Episode 18
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Air date May 20, 2013
Production Code 2J7118
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"The Longest Day"
"Children of Men"

"Clue" is the 18th episode of Season 1, and aired on May 20th 2013.


Nora's captors torture her and leave her for dead; Monroe hears about Rachel's mission to reach the tower; Miles tries to find out how close associates of his are being targeted; Miles, Charlie, Neville, Jason, Hudson and Sanborn try to save Rachel.

Plot Summary

Nora, now in Monroe's custody, is given a dainty white dress in her prison cell and ordered to put it on. Monroe has prepared a nice meal for Nora, complete with Miles' favorite scotch. As she reluctantly sits at the table, he sweet-talks her in an attempt to extract Miles' current location. This is Monroe's last olive branch to Nora before things will get very bad for her. Instead of cracking, Nora grabs the scotch bottle and swings it at Monroe. She misses, but the message hits its target. Monroe orders his guards to take Nora away,

When Monroe hears about The Tower, he brings Randall Flynn in for questioning, leveraging Sanborn's intel against him. Power is Monroe's only advantage in this war. Incensed that Randall kept him in the dark about The Tower, Monroe orders him killed. Claiming that he is the only one who can get Monroe into The Tower, Randall wins his stay of execution, promising turning the lights back on is the least he can do. The Tower was a skunk works for the DOD; there are tools and technology there that even the President did not know about. When Sanborn confirms Randall's story, Monroe decides to head for Colorado.

Rachel and Aaron reach Colorado in pouring rain. Unknown to them, Monroe is already there. John Sanborn escapes Independence Hall and drives Nora out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by faking her death and drives to Atlanta, Georgia. In Georgia, Miles wonders why John is here and tells him the Militia went too far with Nora. Then Miles goes to a nearby hospital and Nora tells Miles she will be all right but she is still under the effects of the drugs. Outside, Jason suggests to Charlie that they should flee to Texas, since the Militia will not be able to find her there. Then Jason and Charlie kiss in the middle of the street and Jason sees a man who is revealed to be a Militia spy. Miles then says it is time to go to The Tower so Miles, Charlie, Neville, Jason, Nora, Hudson, Sandborn and Wayne Ramsey board a Helicopter to Colorado.

Meanwhile, Monroe takes Randall to the Tower to get in but he is denied access by the system; it is revealed that Monroe and Randall are being monitored by a group of people inside via security camera.

Jason holds Charlie's hand as the group flies towards Colorado; she is scared, as she has never flown before. He flashes back to Atlanta and his conversation with Billings, who says he has a job for Jason. The helicopter has to land at Fort Hanson in the Plains Nation to refuel, but when they do, someone murders the pilot, cutting his throat with a distinctive X, and messes with the aircraft's wiring. When Miles and Charlie go looking for the killers, they find Rebel commander Ramsey on the ground, bleeding out; he has the same distinctive wound on his neck. Miles tries to keep Ramsey alive long enough to figure out who is responsible, but Ramsey dies before he reveals to Miles who the killer is.

Rachel and Aaron arrive to the Tower, where they discover that Monroe's men are camping outside the entrance. Aaron does not know how they are going to get inside, but Rachel has a plan; that night, she will kill Monroe, and in the ensuing chaos, Aaron will make a run for it, using Dr. Warren's notebook to access the door. Rachel then says as she kills Monroe his men will kill her.

With no one around, Miles realizes the murderer has to be among their own group. Nora is nowhere to be found, so Miles orders everyone to put their weapons in a bag. As suspicions run hot, Miles throws the bag into the helicopter but keeps his own pistol; Neville questions Miles about his weapon and Miles responds that it is for his own safety. Then he heads out to search for Nora. Finding her face down on the ground with a bloody arm and a knife, Miles fears the worst, but Nora is fine except for after-effects of Sanborn's drugs. Everyone suspects Nora for the murders, but Miles does not believe it is her. Since she has blood on her and a knife near her, however, she tell Miles that the group could be right.

Even though she admits to strangling a guard under Monroe's detainment while under the influence of Sanborn's hallucinogens, Miles insists on her innocence. Miles sifts through the bag of weapons to check for blood, until he notices Jason fumbling with something in his pocket - a bloody switchblade. Jason immediately says someone planted that on him. When he asks Charlie to back him up, she refuses: Who was the guy he was talking to back in Atlanta? After all, Jason has lied to her before. Jason admits that Billings, a Militia spy, asked him to kill Miles in exchange for Charlie's safety, but Jason refused. Neville becomes angry at Jason for the killings. Miles then pulls out his gun but is prevented from firing by Charlie and Neville, which gives Jason the opportunity to run.

Miles searches for Jason to no avail and is eventually stopped by Sanborn, who tells Miles the knife could not possibly be Jason's. It has the initials 'AMD' stamped on it, which stands for Annapolis, Maryland, where the knife was made. Has anyone in their group been to Annapolis lately? Suddenly, a gunshot rings out and Sanborn goes down before he can reveal the killer to Miles. Miles turns around to see Hudson holding a gun!

Miles asks Hudson why he did it. Hudson tells Miles the Militia has his wife, and they are threatening to kill her unless he works for them; he was the one who gave Monroe Miles' location at Ashland, prompting the drone strike, and he knows killing Miles, Neville and the others — all high-value the targets — would mean safety for his wife. With no other choice, Miles and Hudson fight to the death, a brutal, brawling bout that tests the limits of both men. But just as it seems as if Hudson has gained the upper hand, Jason comes out of nowhere and shoots him with Miles' discarded gun, which he then drops at Miles' feet. As Nora finishes fixing the helicopter, Charlie apologizes to Jason, who claims he gets it. He has lied to Charlie too many times. Miles climbs into the co-pilot's seat and the group resumes their journey to Colorado.

Later that night at the Militia camp, Rachel kills one of Monroe's men and takes his uniform and looks for Monroe in his tent. Rachel then reveals herself to Monroe and tosses a grenade at him.



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