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Children of Men
Season 1, Episode 19
Revolution 1x19-2.jpg
Air date May 27, 2013
Production Code 2J7119
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"The Dark Tower"

"Children Of Men" is the 19th episode of Season 1, and aired on May 27th 2013.


Rachel and Monroe face off; Tom and Jason get shut out when Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron make it inside the tower; Miles and Monroe battle.


The episode begin with Rachel throwing the grenade in Monroe's tent; one of Monroe's troopers pushes him out of the way and one takes her down and throws the grenade outside just in time. Aaron witnesses Rachel being led to the Tower in chains, cutting off his chance for getting into The Tower. Randall tries to enter the Tower, but the security system denies him access; it works for Rachel, though. The group with the security cameras witnesses Monroe's entry as the leader Jenkins says, "Well lets go meet them," and takes their weapons, getting ready to fight Monroe.

Miles and the gang land their Huey four miles south of The Tower. On their hike to the entrance of the complex, they hear a noise; Neville pulls out his gun and runs into Aaron; Charlie greatly missed Aaron and hugs him. Aaron tells Miles there is a way into the Tower but only if they can find a way around Monroe's troops. Inside The Tower, Randall shows Monroe the control room, where the US government's satellites still have live feeds of the entire planet. The Tower has the capacity to do anything and is impervious to everything, but they will have to get to Level 12 first. Rachel is shocked when Randall reveals this, but Monroe marches his troops to the elevator, ready to witness the entirety of The Tower's potential.

Monroe and his group take the elevator to Level 12, but it stops at 11. Something is wrong. Monroe's men step out to figure out what is going on as a klaxon starts blaring. Suddenly, Jenkins' men begin firing on the group! Monroe's men fall one by one as Rachel runs for cover in a saferoom. Monroe follows her, and when she tries to stab him with a knife, he wrestles it away from her and demands to know who just attacked them. Outside, Tom Neville and Jason take out the Militia encampment's power source. Aaron and Miles rush to open The Tower doors, as Monroe's men descend on them. Aaron gets them inside just in time, however only Miles, Charlie, Nora, and Aaron can get in and they are forced to leave Jason and Neville out when the door shuts.



Guest Stars


  • James Shanklin as Mr. Austin