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Charlotte Porter
First appearance Pilot (mentioned)
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Residence Willoughby, Texas
Affiliation Texas
Family members Gene Porter - Husband,
Rachel Matheson - Daughter
Ben Matheson Son - in Law
Charlie Matheson - Granddaughter
Danny Matheson - Grandson

Charlotte Porter is the mother of Rachel Matheson and the grandmother of Charlie Matheson and Danny Matheson. She was also Gene Porter's wife.



Rachel planned to visit her mother in October of 2012, and was having a conversation with her via phone shortly before the blackout. At the time, she was apparently concerned that Charlie and Danny were watching too much television. ("Pilot")


Seven years after the Blackout, she died from an outbreak of Cholera along with several others. Her death was one of the reasons Gene Porter joined The Patriots. ("The Patriot Act")

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