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Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson
Portrayed by Tracy Spiridakos
Morgan Hinkleman (2012)
Jade PettyJohn (2018)
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance "Declaration of Independence"
Appearances 42
Biographical information
Status Alive
Also known as Charlotte
Residence Sylvania Estates, Wisconsin,
Monroe Republic
Affiliation Matheson family
Family members

"For so long all I wanted was to get Danny back...and now I never will."
— Charlie to Rachel in Ghosts

Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson (2007- ) is the daughter of Miles and Rachel Matheson and sister of Danny Matheson. Post-blackout she lived in a commune that had been set up in a former sub-division prior to the murder of her father.



A young Charlie in 2012.

Charlie Matheson was born in 2007 to Ben and Rachel Matheson. Three years later, her brother Danny was born. One night in 2012 when Charlie was only five years old, her father arrived at home stressed and worried. While Charlie and her brother were watching T.V., Ben

Charlie age five.

warned Rachel that they need to stock up on water as "it" would happen any moment now. He then called his brother in a panic, informing him that the lights would turn off and would never turn back on. Moments later the electric service to their house was disrupted, cutting off Charlie's cartoon and causing the lights to go out, signaling The Blackout. ("Pilot")


When Charlie was 12, her mother left the family for an unknown reason. She never returned and was presumed dead.

Charlie, 12 years old.

Fifteen years later, in the year 2027, Charlie, her brother and father are living in a peaceful village built by the survivors of The Blackout in a former sub-division cul-de-sac in Sylvania Estates in southern Wisconsin.

While out searching for relics of life before the blackout, having lied to her father about going hunting, Charlie and Danny stumbled across a ruined RV, left behind after The Blackout. She and Danny go inside and explore the RV where she comes across a postcard from pre-Blackout Chicago. Their exploration is brought to a sudden end when Danny opens up the air conditioning compartment and a cloud of dust falls on him triggering an Asthma attack and forcing him to find clean air. Charlie breaks open the front window and pulls Danny out.

They run back to the village and meet up with Ben, who takes Danny to his girlfriend, Maggie, who is a medical doctor.

As Danny recovers, Charlie and her father argue about Maggie's presence in their home. Charlie is angry that her father seems to have replaced Charlie's mother with Maggie. Ben becomes angry and reminds Charlie that her mother is dead. He admonishes her for not being more careful out in the wild, suggesting that her carelessness could lead to her winding up dead like her mother. Angry, Charlie storms out and retreats to a secluded area where she has stashed a collection of pre-Blackout relics.

Charlie adds her new Chicago postcard to a collection of others and begins to flip through the stack she has collected. While reminiscing over the postcard, Charlie hears gunshots from the village. She hurries back to find a dozen villagers dead and her father mortally wounded. With his dying breath, he tells her she needs to go to Chicago and locate his brother, Miles.

After her father dies, Charlie starts to pack her backpack. Maggie enters and suggests she should not go. When Charlie remains adamant that she is going to Chicago, Maggie then states that she will be going with Charlie. Charlie completely ignores her and leaves the room. As she begins to walk out of the village, Maggie and Aaron, who was a friend of her father's, follows her, also carrying backpacks. ("Pilot")

Finding Miles

They make camp in the woods for a break and Charlie goes off to look for water to fill her canteen. She comes across a boy at a waterfall and the boy hears her. He announces he knows she is there and Charlie tells him she was just getting water. They go their separate ways after that. After returning, the group makes camp at one of the planes stuck on the runway at Chicago O`Hare Airport during The Blackout. While they were sleeping, three bandits come in and holds the three at knife point. Maggie tells them she has a bottle of alcohol in her backpack. They drink the bottle and one of the bandits grabs Charlie and starts taking her to the cockpit. Soon, the bandits start coughing up blood; Maggie had secretly put poison in the drink. The thug begins to attack Maggie where she grabs an airbag from the plane and strangles him. Just as the other bandit was about to rape Charlie, the boy who spoke to Charlie at the waterfall shoots an arrow at the bandit, killing him.

Charlie and Nate shortly after arriving in Chicago.

They decide to all go to Chicago together. After passing by Wrigley Field and entering downtown Chicago they arrive at a The Grand Hotel, causing Aaron to comment that he was married there. They sit down at the bar and Charlie asks the bartender where Miles is. The bartender says he doesn't know and after Charlie explains the events to why their here he said he will talk to her in the backroom. The boy, who identifies himself as Nate, does not trust the bartender and holds out a pocket knife at him. The bartender easily grabs the knife out of Nate's hand and holds it against his throat and says, "She's my niece...and I don't know you", signaling he is actually Miles.

He and Charlie go into the backroom where she explains the situation more, assuming he is coming along to save Danny, but he tells her he was keeping a low profile from the militia and tells her he was not going. Charlie tells Miles that they are family, while he says he doesn't even know her. In tears, she runs out of the room back to the group and tells them they have to leave. After seeing that Charlie was crying, Nate goes up to Miles and yet again takes out his knife and demands to know what he did to her. Miles, once again, easily pulls the knife away and pulls up Nate's sleeve. Branded on his arm was the insignia of the militia; which means he is a spy. Nate takes out his bow and arrows and backs out of the bar.

They stay for a little while longer until Miles tells them he was going to stay and drink a bottle of single malt scotch and tells them to leave. ("Pilot")

They stay anyway and help Miles fight back against the squad of militia that Nate brought back with him. Miles already killed almost half of the squad with hand-to-hand combat, but soon gets surrounded. That is when Charlie, Maggie, and Aaron reveal themselves and fight along with Miles. After killing a soldier with her crossbow, Charlie runs outside to reload when a soldier comes out and ambushes her. She is almost killed before Nate runs out, knocks the soldier unconscious with his bow and runs off.

After Maggie treats a wound Miles sustained he agrees to go with them. Charlie then sits at a table and looks at a picture of her parents.("Pilot")

Finding Nora

A day later, Charlie and the others arrive at a train yard. She wonders where Miles is, so she looks around and finds him. He is ready to slit a man's throat with a sword. Charlie stops him and begs him to spare him as he is already unconscious and Miles indicates that he is a bounty hunter and would attempt to track them down again. She still wants him to show mercy, so he and Aaron drag him off and lock him in a boxcar. They continue on to Pontiac, Illinois where Miles explains that they are looking for a woman named Nora Clayton; whom he indicates is a highly acclaimed bomb expert and could help them in their attempt to rescue Danny. They arrive at a tavern where he thinks Nora is. Miles orders Charlie and the others to wait there, and he goes to the backroom to find Nora. He asks someone he knew and indicates who he is by throwing down a piece of yellow stone. A man calls Miles's name and Miles recognizes the bounty hunter that Charlie stopped him from killing. The bounty hunter calls out to his cohorts and they carry in Charlie, Maggie, and Aaron all gagged with knives against their throats. Miles simply states he doesn't know them. As the bounty hunter is about to slit Charlie's throat, Miles quickly surrenders himself. They start to walk out of the tavern when Miles makes a daring escape attempt and succeeds in killing the bounty hunter's cohorts and threatens to strangle him to death if he doesn't tell him where Nora is. The bounty hunter says she does not go to the tavern anymore and Miles breaks the man's neck, not knowing that Charlie was watching.

After they make it to the woods, Miles explains he has to leave the group, and to meet up with him in two weeks further on. Charlie does not want him to leave, but Miles leaves anyway. Charlie leaves during the night and follows Miles. As she makes her way towards the edge of an interstate highway, she quickly realizes that someone was following her. She falls off the edge and onto the interstate and acts like she was hurt. Nate appears and says he wants to help her, Charlie quickly states she doesn't want his help. Nate comes to help her anyways and that is when Charlie makes her move. She quickly kicks away Nate's bow and uses the handcuffs that were put on her back in the tavern to handcuff Nate to an interstate sign. She leaves Nate and continues to search for Miles. Miles finds her as she was daydreaming and she says she needs him to stay with her, not because they were family, but because Miles was her only hope of getting her brother back. Miles lets her travel with him. They stumble across a squad of militia leading a pack of prisoners hauling a helicopter on a wooden platform. This gives the hint that the leader of the militia, Bass Monroe, is making plans of getting the power back. However, one of the prisoners Miles points out is Nora. Charlie watches as a prisoner is shot by the warden because he was not moving along.

Miles tries to comfort his niece

During the night, Charlie and Miles quickly rescue Nora, not bothering with the other prisoners. After rescuing her, Nora exclaims that she wants the sniper rifle the warden was using, as it is key to help the Rebellion who are uprising against Bass Monroe. Nora creates a bracelet that can fire one bullet at a very close range. They plan on using this on the warden. Charlie offers to do it since the squad would recognize Nora and Miles, despite Miles' objections. Charlie pretends to have gotten lost in the woods while hunting and the warden asks a soldier to bring Charlie over. After hesitating, Charlie finally uses the bracelet gun, shooting the warden in the chest. While Miles and Nora pick off the others, the soldier who brought Charlie to the warden is on top of her, trying to choke her. She quickly picks up the rifle the warden dropped and shoots the soldier with it. After the fight, she sits by herself, thinking about what she did. Miles tries to comfort her but it proves no use. Nora wants to deliver the rifle to the Rebellion and they begin to travel to the Rebel base.("Chained Heat")

Finding the Rebels

Charlie, Miles and Nora arrive at the Rebel base, an abandoned restaurant, where they are greeted by Nicholas. Inside the restaurant, he rebels have set up a crude field hospital, filled with a dozen badly wounded people. When a medic asks for help, Charlie steps in, just as another soldier dies. Although Miles reminds her that they need to find Danny, Charlie decides to help the Rebels. Charlie gets to know young Sam, who was conscripted by the Militia when he was 16. Suddenly, a Militia squad attacks the base, a stray bullet killing Sam.

Miles sends Trevor, the Rebels' best marksman, up to the roof with Nora's sniper rifle to fend off the Militia while Miles and Nicholas try to dig a tunnel so that they can escape. Charlie and Nora plant bombs around the restaurant, and Charlie gets to know Nora. Nora was five-months pregnant when she got into a fight with a group of drunken Militia men. While she won the fight, she lost the baby and her boyfriend. She joined the rebels so that when she does have a baby, he or she will be born in the United States.

Night falls and Trevor uses his last bullets, at the same time the tunnel Miles and Nicholas have been digging collapses. Running out of options, Miles wants to keep digging but Charlie wants to fight. Miles argues that the Militia cannot be stopped, and Charlie replies that is the way her father thought, and she always believed him to be a coward. Miles is angry that Charlie would be so disrespectful of her own father, his brother. Suddenly, Militia soldiers infiltrate the building but Charlie, Miles and Nora defeat them, with Miles taking Jeremy Baker, the Militia squadron's commanding officer, hostage.

The Rebels take refuge within the basement, and Miles intends to use Jeremy as leverage so that the Militia can leave them in peace. Jeremy says that he used to know Miles and reveals to the Rebels that Miles was one of the Monroe Republic's founding fathers. Charlie feels devastated and gains an understanding of her father's reasons: the Militia cannot be stopped because Miles created them.

Eventually, the sun rises and the Militia continues their attack. Nicholas wants to fight but Miles believes half the rebels will die. He has a better idea: he will trade himself for Jeremy. Charlie disagrees, but Miles surrenders himself. The Militia leaves with Miles, but Charlie and Nora decide to rescue him.

Charlie and Nora plant explosives in a bridge just as the Militia is passing through, using the smoke to rescue Miles and escape. The trio continues their journey, and Miles says he will understand if Charlie hates him. However, Charlie says she doesn't hate him. Although she doesn't understand his reasons, his actions saved the Rebels, so there must be still some good in him.("No Quarter")

Maggie's Death

Charlie, Miles and Nora ambush a Militia soldier, interrogating him for information about the squad holding Danny captive. The soldier reveals that he saw a nearby patrol yesterday, giving Charlie hopes that they might be able to reach Danny soon. After Miles knocks the soldier out, Charlie asks about Miles's reputation with the Militia, but Miles refuses to talk about it, saying that he will abandon Charlie if he keeps pressing the subject. Eventually, the trio reunites with Maggie and Aaron at Lowell, Indiana.

Walking across the city in nighttime, the group is ambushed by dogs. They manage to temporarily escape, but Aaron is wounded in the leg. While Maggie helps Aaron, Charlie overhears a conversation between Miles and Nora. Miles is intending to leave the group because the Militia is after him, but Nora tries to convince him to stay for Charlie's sake.

The group continues to walk, and Miles discovers that Nate has been following them. After a short fight, the group takes Nate captive, with Charlie believing Nate knows something about Tom Neville, the Militia squad's commander, or Danny. As the group continues walking, they are attacked by more dogs, forcing them to take refuge within a diner. Unfortunately, Maggie is stabbed in the leg by Ray Kinsey, the dogs' owner. Miles and Nora leave to find Kinsey, while Charlie and Aaron tend to Maggie's wound. Maggie wants the others to leave, saying they can still reach Danny. But Charlie refuses to leave Maggie, saying the she wants to help her just like she helped her family. Maggie realizes her artery has been pierced, so she asks Charlie and Aaron to perform surgery on her. But as Charlie is searching for tools, Kinsey kidnaps her.

After Maggie's death, Miles comforts Charlie.

Kinsey takes her to his house, where he ties her to a chair and places a rifle near her in case she tries to escape. Charlie begs Kinsey to let her go, but Kinsey refuses, as he sees Charlie as a replacement for her lost daughter. Suddenly, Miles and Nate enter the house and kill Kinsey, while Charlie barely dodges the rifle's shot. Using Kinsey's whistle, Miles disperses the dogs. Charlie, Miles and Nate return to the diner, just as Aaron finishes patching Maggie's injury. Sadly, Maggie has lost too much blood and dies. Charlie breaks down, remarking that everyone she ever cared about leaves her. Seeing how devastated Charlie is, Miles hugs her, promising never to abandon her.("The Plague Dogs")


The group buries Maggie's body. After a while, Miles insists they must continue. Charlie wants to say goodbye, but Miles tells her that mourning will not help her find Danny. Eventually, the group reaches Noblesville, Indiana, where a working steam train is located. According to Miles and Nora, a train would give Monroe an advantage. Taking refuge in an abandoned workshop, the group discusses what to do about the train.

Charlie figures out that the train will leave tomorrow. Also, since the train is bound for Philadelphia, Miles believes Neville will put Danny on the train. Charlie and Miles decide to look for Danny, but leave their weapons behind in order to keep a low profile. As Charlie searches through the city, she inadvertently meets with Neville. To avoid suspicion, she introduces herself to him under a fake name. Charlie decides to trail him, but he pins her to a wall, recognizing her as Danny's sister. Fortunately, Miles appears and they both escape before Militia soldiers can capture them.

Miles berates Charlie for getting emotional and ruining the operation. He even says that if Danny is killed, then she will be to blame. Charlie is exasperated by Miles's attitude, remembering a time when he used to be a happy uncle. She asks what happened to that man and Miles replies he is dead.

The duo returns to the workshop, where Aaron informs them about Nora's plan to destroy the train. Knowing that they must find Danny fast, Charlie and Miles interrogate Nate about the train. However, Nate escapes. Running out of options, Charlie, Miles and Aaron go to the bookstore where Danny is being kept. Unfortunately, the cell is empty and the train is about to leave sooner than expected.

The group goes to the station, finding an injured Nora, who had tried to stop the train. She tells them the bomb is a hollowed off log. Riding horses, Charlie and Miles reach the train. Charlie enters the train to find Danny and Miles tries to find the bomb. Finding Danny captured by Neville, she tries to save him but Neville defeats her with Nate's help. However, instead of handing her to Neville, Nate throws her out of the train. Miles gets rid of the bomb an reunites with Charlie.

The group reunites, and Miles comforts Charlie, saying that the man she wants her to be is not dead, but he cannot be that man yet, not until Bass Monroe is dead. However, Charlie agrees with Miles' advice that mourning will not help her find Danny. She decides to go to Philadelphia.("Soul Train")




Charlie, at the start of the season, has a desire for excitement and adventure. She knows very little of the outside world, having never gone too far from her little village. As the series progresses, Charlie toughens up. She is very brave, stubborn and always protects the people she cares about.

Skills and Abilities

Charlie is a skilled arbalest, markswomen and (later on in the series) swordswoman.


  • Jason Neville - Jason meets Charlie when she's collecting water and he's immediately smitten with her. He introduces himself as Nate and uses her to find her uncle, Miles. Despite this, he proves he cares for her on several occasions, such as when his father orders him to kill her and he throws her from the train instead. At some point, he leaves the Militia and joins the rebels. They become friends and eventually kiss when Jason's in hospital. They begin a short-lived relationship as, when Miles blames Jason for being the traitor in their midst, he's hurt when Charlie doesn't defend him, instead bringing up evidence against him. When he's proved innocent she apologizes, but they part ways. Jason makes sure that Charlie's safe at the Tower, proving he still loves her. They were separated for almost a year before a brief reunion. In Austin, an unstable Jason attacked Charlie, forcing her to kill him. While their relationship was brief, his death affected her greatly.
  • Miles Matheson - Ben sends Charlie to locate her uncle, Miles, whom she has not seen in many years. She manages to enlist Miles in her plan to save her brother, Danny, by saving his life. They're always arguing, but grow to care about each other and develop a father-daughter bond. When Nora's prompting Miles to leave Charlie, as she's probably dead, he refuses to do so. He accepts her decision to leave after the events of the Tower, but is overjoyed when she returns. He threatens Bass when he thinks he touched her. Despite not knowing what was going on between him and Rachel, she thinks they should both get romantically involved with each other.
  • Rachel Matheson - Sometime after the Blackout, Rachel abandoned her family, presumed dead. Charlie's stunned to discover she's alive. They have a very strained relationship because of this deceit and Charlie refuses to trust her. Charlie also blames her mother for Nora's death. After the events of the Tower, Charlie leaves, unable to be around her. Upon her return, they're hostile towards each other to begin with, but then grow closer and say "I love you." Despite not knowing what was going on between her and Miles, she thinks they should both get romantically involved with each other.
  • Maggie Foster - Charlie doesn't like Maggie dating her father, and so the two have a very unstable relationship. Maggie accompanies Charlie on the mission to rescue Danny and grow closer. Maggie tells Miles that he needs Charlie more than she needs him. When Maggie's dying, she declares that Charlie saved her, and Charlie begs her to live.
  • Connor Bennett - Charlie expresses interest in him upon discovering he's Bass's son. He's also attracted to her, checking her out when she's not looking and attempting to make himself sound brave to impress her. After seeing her pull a gun, he begins to develop genuine feelings for her, as she's different from most girls. Charlie later seduces him and they sleep together, much to Bass' fury. Bass does his best to persuade the two not to spend time together, but they continue with their flirtation.
  • Nora Clayton - Nora's initially speculative about Charlie's capabilities, but soon grows impressed by her. Nora tries to convince Miles to save himself, leaving Charlie behind, as she's probably already dead, but he refuses to do so. Charlie's with Nora as she dies and tries to convince Rachel to help her, becoming emotional when Nora dies.
  • Sebastian Monroe - Charlie sets off to kill Bass as she blames him for the deaths of her father and her brother, however, he ends up saving her from some men in a bar and they form an uneasy alliance. He seems to have developed some sort of feelings for her, but it is unknown if they are romantic or that of a brother to a sister. He doesn't approve of Connor's relationship with Charlie and tries to convince the pair to abandon it. Bass has risked his life for Charlie's on more than one occasion.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Charlie's collection of postcards from before the Blackout is similar to the character Artyom's collection from the video game Metro 2033.
  • Charlie was named after her grandmother, Charlotte Porter.
  • Charlie is revealed to be the daughter of Miles in the Digital Comic Book Series.