Revolution Chapter 1, "Electric Avenue", is the first of a four-part comic book series by DC Comics. It was released on May 4, 2015.


It has been almost a year since the events of Declaration of Independence. Charlie begins by reminiscing about the fairy tales her father would tell her as a child. She then reveals that Bradbury, Idaho has become a sort of haven for people in the post-Blackout world, the only electric city. It is completely controlled by the nanotech. Tom Neville is seen jogging around the neighborhood, listening to an iPod. Charlie says that, as long as the residents follow "the rules", they are allowed to stay. She remarks that the residents willingly gave up their freedoms in exchange for the chance to live a normal, pre-Blackout life again.

Back in Willoughby, Rachel Matheson is repairing a Pendant. Charlie, via narration, says that her mother is back to being "ten tons of crazy", and adds that Aaron and Priscilla managed to start a life there. Rachel and Charlie have not spoken in almost a year, and Aaron is worried about her. They are interrupted by the arrival of an emaciated Grace, who has spent the better part of a year running from the nanotech, creating a virus to destroy them. She directs the group to Bradbury, but she dies the next morning.

40 miles to the north, Miles and Monroe are fighting a group of Patriot soldiers at an old airport. They easily cut down many Patriots, causing Monroe to comment on their seeming lack of effort. As they are pinned down by the last Patriot, Charlie shoots him in the back with her crossbow, saving the pair. Charlie then recounts the Patriots' war with Texas. Starting with the events at the end of Season 2, the war lasted a total of six months, and ended at Washington D.C. The White House is seen with the Texas flag flying and Charlie says that their
job now is to deal with any holdouts.

Charlie, Miles, and Monroe prepare to clear an old electronics store, expecting to encounter Patriot resistance. What they find, however, is Rachel, Aaron, and Priscilla making their way to Bradbury. They are all surprised to see each other again, and Rachel manages to enlist their help, much to Bass' disgust.


  • The 3 Ring ice cream parlor, which was first seen in Declaration of Independence, is a nod to the Stephen King story It.
  • Grace's death scene on page 12 is reminiscent of Mother Abagail's death in the Stephen King book The Stand, which served as inspiration for the show.
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