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Captain Trips
Season 2, Episode 12
Air date January 22nd 2014
Written by Paul Grellong & Jim Barnes
Directed by Steve Boyum
Production Code 2J7712
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"Happy Endings"

Captain Trips is the 12th episode of Season 2 and was aired on January 22nd 2014.


When Gene decides to assist the town of Willoughby , Rachel and Charlie feel compelled to help too as Miles and Monroe continue to join forces in order to survive.


Back from Mexico, Connor, Miles, Monroe and Rachel are stunned to find their hideout empty. It does not take them long to discover Charlie and Porter are nursing the typhus victims at the quarantine camp. With over a dozen dead, Porter desperately needs azithromycin, and if he does not get it soon, the epidemic will rage out of control. Truman is well aware of this; like it or not, he and Porter are in this together. While the men stay back, Rachel sneaks into the camp to offer her help. Getting testy, Truman demands Rachel give up Miles and Monroe, but Porter talks him out of it - for the moment.

Tom meets Julia near the Washington Monument with news: her husband Doyle is holding Jason for suspicion of breaking and entering his office. If Jason breaks, Neville fears that he will give them both up. When Julia makes it clear that all she cares about is Jason's well-being, Neville insists that she is their best chance at a rescue. Julia flashes back to two years after the Blackout, when little Jason was dying of starvation. Promising to find food, Neville comes upon a man with plenty of food barbecuing rabbits, but he refuses to share. Neville whips out his knife, but he is too weak to fight off the man and his friend, who beat him badly.

Porter thinks the epidemic is typhus, but the disease is not spreading the way it usually would. If only he had time to do some tests... Rachel sends Charlie to collect a blood sample from one of the dead, so she can test it. The result: their typhus was made in a lab, which suggests the Patriots started the outbreak on purpose. Rachel figures the Patriots must have a vaccine, and Porter has an idea of where they might keep it. Rachel gets a message to Miles, who wants to send Connor after the antidote since no one knows who he is. Connor is furious, so Monroe takes him aside. Rachel may be crazy, but they need Miles' help to win back the Republic - which means they are going to do what he asks.

Aaron wakes up, only to find Grace has disappeared. Suddenly, he turns to face Cynthia, who tells him he has to "face it." Assuming Cynthia is the nanites, Aaron is angry over the real Cynthia's death - why did the nanites desert him? Nano-Cynthia assures him that all of his questions will be answered in Lubbock, home of the world's largest concrete cowboy. If he chooses not to go, both he and Priscilla will be in danger. Claiming she is not scared of the nanites, Priscilla refuses to go to Lubbock. She is just leaving Aaron behind when a tree nearly falls on top of her.

Before bed, Julia tells Doyle she has been having nightmares because of the office break-in. Just this once, can't he give her more information about the guy who did it? All Doyle will say is they are questioning him. Julia flashes back to the past, when she was patching up Neville after his fight. They have been going about things all wrong. There are plenty of guys stronger than Tom, but not many who are smarter. It is time for them to play to their strengths. Back in the present, Victor is sleeping when Julia sneaks into his office to find Jason's name on a list - and his location in Kenilworth Prison.

Connor, Miles and Monroe sneak into Willoughby under cover of darkness. Miles is stunned to find the Patriots have totally deserted their headquarters - no antidote. Back at the quarantine camp, Rachel deduces the Patriots are killing off "undesirable" people with their typhus. That is when Porter falls over, the disease's latest victim. When he comes to, he has got a plan. Miles and Monroe kidnap Truman and inject with a dose of typhus. So where is the antidote? In the next leg of the plan, Connor puts on a Patriot uniform and escorts Truman back to his office to retrieve the antidote from his safe. Connor has just enough time to put his gun to Truman's head as soldiers bust into the office for a standoff...

Julia tells Neville her latest plan: she and Victor will be having lunch with Colonel Henderson and his wife tomorrow. She will leave the back door unlocked so Neville can sneak in, "take care" of the colonel and his wife, and then have a "little chat" with Doyle. The only thing Julia cares about is getting Jason out alive - whatever it takes. Two years after the Blackout, Julia demonstrates the same mettle: she convinces the two guys who beat Tom to accept sex with her in exchange for food, giving Neville the chance to kill them both. But there is a hitch to her most recent plan: when Neville breaks into the colonel's house, Doyle and his men are waiting with guns aimed at Julia. When she demands the return of Jason, Doyle has the couple separated, promising they will never see each other again.



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  • The title of this episode is a reference to the disease that wiped out 99.4% of the world's population in the Stephen King novel The Stand.


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