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The California Commonwealth or simply California, is a nation-state in the states of California, Oregon, Washington, Baja California, parts of Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and British Columbia. Governor Affleck is the current leader of the California Commonwealth. The capital of California Commonwealth is Sacramento, California, as shown in the episode, Memorial Day.


Monroe was preparing for a diplomatic mission to the Commonwealth, initially planning to include Jason Neville. It seems that the Monroe Republic and California have poor diplomatic relations, as Tom Neville refers to them as heathens.

It appears that Texas and California were on good terms until recently. Their relations soured when Patriot cadets under the guise of Californian operatives assassinated several high-ranking Texas officials, but however, Miles exposes the Patriots' cruel atrocities to Texas. While Texas declared war on the Patriots, relations between Texas and the California Commonwealth were presumably restored. The California Commonwealth remained independent and free of Patriot influence following the end of the Patriot-Texas War.


The Commonwealth appears to be more isolated than the other three republics with only a small part in Montana touching the Plains Nation. This is mostly due to the Wasteland acting as a huge barrier separating the western United States from the eastern United States. Cities appear to be located in the remains of Los Angeles
San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco after the Blackout

and the Bay Area.

San Francisco appears to be largely abandoned, with vegetation covering everything and deer freely roaming the streets. One of the spans of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has collapsed, possibly due to an airliner crashing into it during the Blackout.

While much of the Commonwealth's borders are determined by the harsh deserts of the Wasteland, they ignore geographical boundaries by claiming a small strip of land on the eastern banks of the Colorado River. This is most likely for the purpose of controlling Hoover Dam and the vast fresh water supply of Lake Meade. Without this land, marauders from the Wasteland would block the Commonwealth's access to water and force them to abandon their eastern inland territories due to a lack of resources. 


Sacramento in Texan Newspaper

A newspaper, saying "Austin and Sacramento Sever Ties".

Not much is currently known about California other than its poor relations with the Monroe Republic. Major Neville notes to Monroe that emissaries from the Monroe Republic to California never return. The current head of state is Governor Affleck. Randall Flynn considered helping her to build pendant amplifiers, but chose Monroe instead. In Austin City Limits, General Blanchard of Texas, mentions that Governor Affleck is a woman and she has recently lost her husband.

It is shown that Sacramento is the capital of the California Commonwealth, when a Patriot was reading a newspaper with the headline "Austin and Sacramento Sever Ties". This means that the government in Sacramento was in talks with Texas, but their negotiations broke down when The Patriots framed California.

Near the end of Season 2, after the Patriots framed California for mobilizing against Texas, President Jack Davis, referred the Californians as 'aggressive and belligerent,' and 'on the wrong side of history.' When Miles Matheson and the others managed to expose the Patriots' plans to Texas, President Jack Davis was arrested for his own crimes and Texas planned to launch an attack on the Patriots, in order to exterminate them. After Texas declared war on the Patriots, the California Commonwealth was acquitted. After the end of the Patriot-Texas war and the extermination of the Patriots, Texas and the California Commonwealth remained both independent nations.


While the inhabitants of the California Commonwealth did not appearin the series, Aaron makes some observations as to people's superstitions in his journal. He mentions that some people believe in creatures called Paddington Lake sprites, creatures that supposedly drown swimmers. While it is unknown where exactly Aaron meant, he most likely referred to Paddington Lake in California. He believes this to actually be the result of rip currents.


  • The California Commonwealth could be a nod to the New California Republic in the video game Fallout: New Vegas, or the California Commonwealth in the Shattered Union video game of the same name, as both of them share similar borders in similar circumstances.
  • The movie Post Man staring Kevin Costner takes place after a nuclear war in 2010. A while after that, there was a "California Commonwealth" as well and it eventually had post routes with the more eastern states, like Nevada or Arizona. By the 2040s, however, long after the nuclear war, the U.S. post office was being restored there.


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