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Bradley Jaffe 1x07.PNG
Bradley Jaffe
Portrayed by Conor O'Farrell
First appearance "The Children's Crusade"
Last appearance "Kashmir"
Appearances 2
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Also known as Brad
Residence Philadelphia
Profession Scientist (pre-blackout)
Affiliation Citizen
Family members *Eve Jaffe - Daughter

We're talking about thousands—no, millions—of lives at risk.

Bradley Jaffe

Brad is a scientist who worked with Ben Matheson before the blackout.

He has become a prisoner of the Monroe Militia just recently (3 weeks prior) due to information provided by Rachel. Sebastian Monroe must have a Pendant at any cost. His daughter Eve has also been made prisoner as a tool to make Brad talk.

After Monroe acquired Ben Matheson's Pendant, Rachel was forced to submit to his demands to create a device possible in enabling electricity. Brad was invited to help check on Rachel's device that she has been working ever since the Pendant was acquired, as Neville was suspicious of her true intentions. He reveals to Monroe and others that Rachel has been working on a sophisticated time bomb intended to kill Monroe. Enraged, Monroe threatens to kill Rachel and Danny as Brad had acquiesced to working with him. He is then fatally stabbed in the chest with a screwdriver by Rachel, in order to force Monroe to once again work with her and save her life.