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Austin City Limits
Season 2, Episode 18
Air date April 2nd 2014
Written by Paul Grellong & Jim Barnes
Directed by Helen Shaver
Production Code 2J7718
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"Why We Fight"
"Shit Happens"

Austin City Limits is the 18th episode of Season 2 and first aired on NBC on April 2nd 2014.


Frustrated with Neville, Jason turns to Miles with crucial information about The Patriots' next steps for Texas. Determined to derail the Patriots' plans, Miles and Monroe rush to Austin with Jason, Charlie and Connor in tow. Meanwhile, Aaron grows suspicious of Priscilla's increasingly unusual behavior.


Following Doyle's murder, Jason is in a very bad way. Neville wants to get back to tracking Monroe, but Jason is shaken to the core. The Patriots can make him do anything - things he won't remember. Neville doesn't care, blinded by the only thing that is keeping him alive: killing Monroe in exchange for the life of his wife. Insisting his mother is dead, Jason begs his father for help, but his pleas fall on deaf ears... so Jason walks to our heroes' camp and puts a gun to Connor's head. Claiming this was his only way into the camp, Jason offers intel swiped from Truman's office. The surviving cadets are heading to 19 Arnell Street in Austin, Texas, and Jason needs to help stop them executing their plan. Pulling down his eyelid, Jason shows off his number tattoo; clearly, the Patriots have done terrible things to him. Since no one trusts Jason, he promises they can kill him if he steps out of line. Charlie is outraged when Monroe and Miles handcuff Jason and pack up for the trip to Austin; Rachel wants to know what Miles intends to do with the cadets when he finds them, but he won't answer.

While Aaron sleeps, a zoned-out Priscilla makes tea in a trance, then shoves her hand into the flames. But there's no pain and her hand heals immediately. Just then Aaron wakes up, smelling bacon. That night, Aaron asks Priscilla why she doesn't talk about her family anymore... Suddenly, she yanks him behind a log to hide while a slavers' caged wagon rolls by. There is no way Priscilla could have heard the wagon, so Aaron realizes she may not be the Priscilla he once knew. After watching Priscilla zone out all night long, Aaron confronts her - what's going on? The nano admits they are in control of Priscilla for the moment. Apparently the real Priscilla decided to stay in 2014, and the nano wants to use her body for a while, so they can experience what it is like to be human. If Aaron does what they say without telling anyone, he'll get Priscilla back eventually...

There is a gun store at 19 Arnell Street, run by a woman named Shirlee Jenkins. When Charlie claims she's looking for some out-of-town kids, Shirlee snarks that she and her companions can tell their deadbeat friends upstairs to pay their rent. Moments later, Jason is schooling Miles on how to avoid the booby traps that the cadets' room is certain to have. No one is home, but there is a scrap of paper with Arabic writing that indicates the cadets intend to hit Blanchard, an old "friend" of Miles and Monroe. General Frank Blanchard has a penchant for S&M, which allows Miles and Monroe to approach when he's blindfolded and handcuffed to a bedpost. Charlie, Connor and Jason stay behind at 19 Arnell Street. When Patriot officer Leonard Baylor shows up, Jason chases him down and beats him in a fury, then ties him to a chair. Rather than answer questions about the cadets, Baylor tries to demoralize Jason, calling him nothing more than a blunt instrument, a hammer. Knowing that Baylor would have invoked his number if he knew it, Jason asks Charlie and Connor to take off his cuffs. Baylor's trying to manipulate Jason into killing him before he talks, but Jason is so much more than a hammer...

Since Senator Wymann was just killed at point-blank range by a kid who then shot himself, Blanchard buys Miles and Monroe's story of murderous Patriot cadets. The kid who killed Wymann was carrying California papers, which means the Patriots are trying to start a war between Texas and California. Furious, Blanchard is determined to visit the President of Texas, General Carver, to persuade him to take the fight where it belongs - to the Patriots. Monroe salivates at the prospect of winning and can't understand why Miles seems so morose. Rachel did this to him! The guys are just enjoying the last of their whiskey when they hear screams from Blanchard's bedroom. One of his hookers has just stabbed him in the chest, then killed herself. Miles and Monroe have just determined she's one of the Willoughby cadets when some Texas Rangers burst in, finding the two friends with blood on their hands. Rather than kill them or get captured, Monroe shoots out an oil lamp so they can run back to 19 Arnell Street. There, Jason has extracted some intel: the next target is President Carver, whom the cadets plan to hit that afternoon at the Capitol Building during a public speech. Monroe wants to let it happen, but Miles knows such an assassination would incite war with California. Miles commends Jason for his good work and decides to let him walk around without handcuffs. Jason remains stoic, but Charlie knows that the night's events have taken their toll.

Ranger Dove reports that Monroe is responsible for critically injuring Blanchard even though the Rangers believe they already killed Monroe. Sending Dove off to kill Monroe one way or another, Carver refuses to reschedule his speech. Our heroes show up at the Capitol Building to search for any suspicious-looking Willoughby cadets. Shirlee spots Jason, invokes his number with the help of another cadet and orders him to confess everything. She gives Jason a bag and orders him to act as backup. Spying Jason moving through the crowd in a daze, Charlie immediately senses there is something wrong, just as Miles and Monroe spot Dillon Matthews - the Willoughby kid Miles spared per Rachel's request - disguised as a Ranger and standing next to the president. Charlie finds Jason assembling a sniper rifle on a high floor of an adjacent building and within moments he is choking her. The former lovers fight for their lives until Charlie gets hold of the rifle and tearfully begs Jason to snap out of it. When he charges her with a knife, she shoots him in the chest. The gunshot incites panic in the crowd below, and Dillon pulls out his gun. But before he can shoot Carver, Miles shoots the kid he once saved. A devastated Charlie wraps her arms around Jason and holds him until he crosses over. The episode comes to an end as Miles and Monroe try to fight their way out of the square.



Guest Stars


  • First appearance of Frank Blanchard
  • Final appearance of Jason Neville and Dillion Mathews.
  • This episode seems to be a reference to the JFK assassination, as Jason plans to shoot President Carver with a sniper rifle from a nearby library.


  • Jason Neville
  • Dillon Matthews


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